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Wit soul and excellence lend yon cresco yeah belgium is a good team to root for if you like the mike then tony arisons with the stubborn coach who's gonna try to outscore the team they're playing and it's going to end in crushing disappointment shoot out let's go to number eight ryan for to gaul the european champions yes for seon rinaldo you know for beaten now for being you bernardo silva for chester city so watch them recently in a friendly and i noticed that bernardo silva was getting a lot more of the ball bernardo silva is manchester city midfielder forward hybrid that they bought what does he play monaco monica monaco and he is probably the best player i've seen where portugal jersey on the portugal team since although sometimes guys played better when they're not playing reportable but you know they haven't had a second sidekick to rinaldo since charisma really rate whereas masila team okay donny i agree with that and the thing about narrow silva this was this first year manchester city kind of came on at the end of the season but i think that's a common thing with pep guardiola social city manager he'll bring a guy in we'll get sea legs in the first year and then kind of explode the second season so i think this could be the beginning of the silva thoughts portugal players people should watch i'll say get it okay owned by ps g presumably will get sold by ps g because they have to make up sixty million as a financial which they apparently did not violate according to you epa.

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