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Media Jason are McIntyre that's how I roll bussard on both twitter and instagram. Yeah I'm not spending as much time on the twitter instagram is so fun dude isn't it? Yes Yeah Instagram is where it's at Folk I. Love Seeing your photo. Videos of you working out you like those Trying to help the people man I'm a man of the people. Yes. Yes. I'm trying to get on Greg Jennings's level. Have you seen? MIAMI. veracious. I'll tell you that are you kidding me that dude is like entering Mr America contest now. That's impressive. Won He won Trolling a rolling with Martin Weiss coming up at the bottom of the hour. All right. Let's stick with the NBA J. Mac. As you said, in our last segment, we're at halftime of the jazz. Pelican Gay Pelicans game sixty to forty eight New Orleans Pelicans I. Really like New Orleans as a young upcoming team. Lonzo Ball I. Think he's a really nice point offered his team because you got so many scores in Brandon Ingram Zairan and jrue holiday. He's a great point guard because he doesn't need a lot of sauce although he took nine shots. Yeah he didn't. Doesn't take a lot of shots, but then you got drew holiday with Twelve Brandon Ingram fifteen. He Looks Great Six Boards and Zion, with nine in seven minutes. But you you believe Jay Mac I'm and I'm GonNa give you room the you know unwind and just flesh out your your statement you mentioned it to Rick Bucur you believe the NBA needs. Zaylon Williamson and the Pelicans in the playoffs explain yeah. I don't think there's any debate about this from when Zion blew up duo. BUCUR DID NOT DOUBT IT I. Doubt it at least there's a delay do very often. The reality is I on blew up at Duke and he became must see TV their TV ratings for Duke Games with Zaire were astronomical the highest rated NCAA. Tournament game that year was Duke Michigan State Because of Zion. Okay. So he gets to the NBA and he's must see TV Chris Right. Now, the the TV marketplaces crowded I look in the In the studio here, and we got guys looking at their phones all the time guys watching Netflix. There's so many options out there video games getting someone's attention in this day, and age is extremely difficult. Okay. It's hard for TV hosts radio host unit..

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