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Exactly what starting Job Philip rivers wheeled. Five between now and the start of the NFL. Season in twenty twenty. But Philip rivers a guy who's extremely likeable and a lot of ways. His winning character in his competitiveness shows through time and time again and no one can throw a pick six in the fourth quarter like Philip rivers so I hope for not only my sake but for yours. Philip finds a place to throw a football in twenty twenty experts close to NFL teams. Say they do not value him as a starter. Currently at this point his career and much more likely that he'll be offered a backup role for a different organization. Now that conversation obviously gets interesting. Does he try to find someone who has a lot of proven success and right on the back there? Does he try to go somewhere where he thinks that maybe he can compete for the starting job by the end of the season or does he go somewhere where the quarterback is uncertain because of an injury risk and hoping that maybe at some point during the season he could see time to prove that he is still a viable option in the NFL unclear? But Philip rivers has been in our lives for such a long time. Hopefully he finds a landing spot for next season the ANC AA had to release a financial report yesterday afternoon. Allegedly the conferences between the five power have spent over seven hundred fifty thousand dollars in lobbying efforts at the state and national level. That is a truly astonishing number. It obviously a lot of people are taking this a ton of different directions. You can't pay players. How come you pay three quarters of a million dollars to lobbyists how you feel about your college sports teams or college athletic departments spending money on lobbyists in trying to sway governments to make rules in their personal favor Obviously this do not sit well with a lot of people yesterday afternoon when this news broke. It'll be a developing story of exactly how this has taken but I do not expect any change to happen here if anything the NC Double A. Will be spending more money going forward. Because obviously they're trying to keep things at the status quo in the current agreement. They don't want to worry about paying players they don't want to worry about trying to fight the concussion protocol stuff they wanNA push all that back burner as much as they can continue to bring in as many dollars. They can't not only their schools but obviously their pocketbooks well. Lobbying is a is a dirty yet accepted part of American politics and I think sometimes we do forget that it also plays a role in the education system as well in college football so when people say they don't want to remove the innocence from college football by paying players. That's okay but just remember that someone Greece. Somebody's pocket to make sure it stay that way. Dak Prescott and the Dallas cowboys apparently are still very divided on contract negotiations at this point. Dak Prescott apparently asked for upwards of forty million dollars from the cowboys per season just to play quarterback for their franchise. He's also asked for one hundred twenty million dollars guaranteed Jerry Jones. Not at the moment interested in anything close to those numbers. He did say yesterday afternoon that he is hopeful that this will be resigned. Input behind them soon. In a franchise tag will not be needed but people close the Dallas cowboys. Do say that if it gets to that point they have no fear and placing the franchise tag on press. Got Something to keep in mind going forward. That Dak in this negotiation are apparently are very divided. We saw this the last year with Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas cowboys. And everything did progress to a point where eventually Zeke was in training camp. This'll be a story that we monitor all the way through the summer until it is resolved because the Dallas cowboys earlier in the market for quarterback. Things get a lot more interesting for Tom. Brady. Philip Rivers Jameis Winston. Marcus Mariota and a handful of others who are free agents this summer. The Oklahoma sooners will face off tonight against the Iowa. Cyclones at home in Norman Oklahoma. This game will tip off at eight. Pm ON ESPN to Iowa. State comes in a tin and thirteen on the season. Lead behind Bolton Abject fifteen points a game Oklahoma now fifteen eight on the year coming in led by Brady Manic now. Espn matchup predictor. Gives the sooners seventy two percent. Chance to win this ballgame there. The heavy favorite in Vegas ten and a half point line here now. The Iowa State. Cyclones are coming in after a win over the Kansas State wildcats but before that they had four straight losses. Obviously Oh you coming off their biggest win of the season against the West Virginia mountaineers. This'll be interesting games. We had four Christian doolittle. Obviously the big game against West Virginia see if he can continue his great play as well as Brady Manic. Find a way to get it back on track. Oklahoma now looking more more like a tournament team by the day in every win from here on out can help solidify their place in that standing and games like this are the ones that the sooners need to win to ensure they stay at the top of the mine of March madness Monday night football announcer. They are considering adding a flex option to their Monday night. Football programming schedule. If you're familiar with how it works currently right now. There is a flex option for Sunday night. Football towards the end of the season the last handful of weeks where one team can be flexed out of the Sunday night game and replaced with noon or three thirty game. They're looking at making that exact same option for Monday night as well. What this helps prevent is if a team that is supposed to be very good but his experience. Some heavy injuries down the stretch not be the only national televised game on Monday night. Now this is great for the fans who are watching on television. Obviously you want to watch the best possible game. You can on Monday night football as well as Sunday night. But this does get a little complicated for the players. Obviously this would be expanding some players in some teams that play multiple Monday night. Football Games more so than they do currently as well as fans. Can you imagine if you had a ticket to a game on Tuesday? That's for that following Sunday. Then find out. No it's not on Sunday. It's actually going to be on Monday night. How does that affect your life and your work schedule? And what can you do to ensure that you get your chance to go to the stadium? It's a complicated ordeal. But it is a creative idea for the NFL to try to make sure they're putting their best games on the highest primetime slots look at this season. No one thought San Francisco was going to be as good as they were so obviously they should have been on more prime time games. This helps try to address and fix that problem. Thank you so much for listening to the big story. Today podcast. Today on Wednesday February Twelfth. Leave us a rating and review on itunes. Oh be extremely helpful for us as well as follow me on twitter at Chisholm Holland. Amount from three. To Seven. Every day on the franchise. Okay One oh seven. Seven Oakland City. Want US nine in. 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