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In units and unaffected buildings. Residents say they smelled gas in the past and notified management has been ongoing issues. So I mean, lots of residents have been complaining about smelling gas. Atlanta Gas Light says that the first time they've heard about any issues was after the blast. Meanwhile, these residents tell Channel two action news. There's still a little leery about returning to their homes. If it's deemed unsafe, and then we'll go back in there. Pretty scary. We're still just kind of, you know, being cautious about everything. An official calls for the blast has yet to be determined. Reporting live, Michelle, right, 95.5 w S, P. G B. I take Discharge after a hostage standoff ends with Cobb County SWAT, killing the suspect. The hostages seriously injured police tell us he was conscious when he was rushed to Wellstar Coniston Hospital we learned from neighbors of the Concorde crossing apartments of the armed Man was a vet who battled mental health issues. We're still pursuing his relationship with the victim this morning in the race for Atlanta City Hall, a poll for the Atlanta Journal Constitution shows that race is wide open. 41% are still undecided. And that breaks down differently, depending on demographically whether you're talking about black voters. White voters. Democrats failures Republican voters former Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed edges City Council president Felisha more but within the margin of error, producing a statistical dead heat, no other major candidates in double digits. Supporters of Buckhead City Hood pay for a study that finds it would be financially viable. The study does not assess how it would affect the rest of Atlanta, the CEO of the Bucket City committee says that's not their problem. But the word WSB political analyst Bill Crane uses is cattle. Traffic. A majority of voters in today's A J C poll oppose carving out the city of Buckhead. Proponents want the question on the ballot next November. Capitol police enhanced security for Saturday's rally in support of the January six insurrectionists enforcement is not expecting especially large numbers.

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