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I'm Jeff right. What alongside Matt Dillon? Matt, unfortunately, not good news tonight. It was a manageable game at the habit. Seventeen seven. But it was one of those games, and we're playing a little banged up tonight on defense. But just never got the sense. She could really put it in gear this evening to lane came out as we mentioned at the half. What like the aggressor they kept the heat on in the second half. We did mention that on pre-game about being there Grasser and to get off a good start. We're not able to do it. I I know they had the big run by Henderson. The first series, but you could tell defensively some guys not being there. Some guys out definitely made a difference tonight. And I tell you to lane we talked about all week, and even with the coaches and then between ourselves and everything else. That in the pregame that this was a dangerous team in some ways because they had played and they take a house state out of their district football team. But they played some very disappointing games. And it does some good things and probably we probably should have been three and one. Yeah. When you think about it? They came in tonight their first conference game of the year. We're looking to make a statement and their coach here's a guy in his third year trying to get it going down there. And tonight, they certainly did do that. I do think the guys being out on defense certainly part of the of the equation, but still. Two lane. I love the game plan. What they did. They attacked on the parameter. Then he had the inside run plays. Certainly Bradwell is a power back. Yeah. Good looking back about two fifteen or so, and he actually just a inside got some tough yards, and that can't open the perimeter up and everything else. So all in all a disappointment again. And I I I'll say this, mentally, you know, I it's such a mental game college football. And it just seems like today or tonight, maybe the Tigers at times weren't mentally attuned on both sides of the ball pets would make a player to then misfire receiver didn't want to right route or whatever miscommunication. The of line was not in tune. I.

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