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And he said he came and sat in on me directing them and he said what have you twisted her titty at the end and these things kept happening. And i think instead of taking it to anybody you know as a nineteen year old or whatever. I just did that thing that i've learned to do that. We still learn to do which is just like show kind of shut down and guard yourself against that person. But i think that when i lose respect for a person in that way i think it's palpable. I think that dynamic than does put a spotlight on the one that they choose of. Oh you know. I wanted then take this person down or abused them are better. Know whatever but i do think like what you're talking about in terms of the complexity of abusive dynamics isn't talked about enough like because i've been on sets where a guy has grabbed my ass and as an outspoken feminist. I don't have the words. Do show up for myself in that moment. I just sort of get really quiet. And then that person will stay on that set. And i'll have a relationship with them. I mean not a you know what i mean like in terms of like there will be forgiveness. I will move on from it will i. I never spoke of it to that person again. And that person is a kind person i mean and has a big heart and that person contains multitudes right like where it. Isn't this just like really strict. Like abuser abused evil. Victim like it's a person that then you can grow to or before you know have genuine affection for and i remember saying something about that person and someone said well. He's from a different time. And i said i promise you. In that time women didn't like having their asses grabbed either but the excuses. That even i make you because i think i think we want to make excuses in order to i guess. Lessen the blow of the self-intimidation that would come from saying that actually did happen..

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