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Affiliates embarrassed plus again. Oj's out for him. Yes wow man just because it always heard that name but didn't really know the involved in the glove behind Kato's bungalow. They when they found it it was like seven hours later and still wet. You know I caught my my hand and I go in two minutes. My blood is right. So that was the whole controversy with the glove. 'cause if you watch the people vs Oj you know if the glove doesn't fit you must acquit steak. You know like you know. It's not like who side online you know for this room for that but it's it's crazy the prosecution's like this race shouldn't be brought in. Well that's like it's in the past but like they're bringing in. Oj's pass a domestic violence to prove it. It's the same thing you know so that always like annoyed me. I'm like other. Both sides are just doing anything they to get thrown out. So when you're talking about the defense that's Marcia Clark Marcia Clark she she her and Bill Hodgman were running the defense and then he got sick on the show. They showed them passing out in the courtroom. It happened but happened upstairs in the office. It's funny because there are also on the show. Remember when she started the she was getting hammered for having frumpy hair and stuff. I remember that every on it like you know like half the focus on. Oh my God it's Oj. Have to focus on her. Oprah was talking about like who cares what she looks like. She believed it was. It was pop culture like the Beatles or where make such a great job of playing that character? Playing Marcia Clark she was insane. It was talking about how like sad. She felt that people took smoking apart. What did you think of gymnasium? They got it like eighty five percent right to you know obviously it's TV. You got to fabricate a little bit like straight. Did they ever say that they thought? Oh Gee did it or no which I thought was great. You make the decision so yeah it was great and the characters like everyone is spot on with. I Fred Goldman Ross What's Swimmer as let's talk about that you mentioned Kris Jenner was kind of running with the with the resnick people and obviously card Ashen is the lawyer. This is the parents of this entire dynasty. Remember even on the People Oj Godfather. No kidding wow and then the whole khloe thing for you heard rumors of that. They say Jay's Clubs Dad Really Yeah Oh you never heard I haven't heard that actually think so because you know. Oj and Chris Yeah get down. Yeah I like in the people at one point. The kids are watching. Tv and Cordell she goes eight kids. Don't watch. Tv. It's not a way to make a living. Tv's not the only thing at the funeral. Or like you know. Courtney chloe course. Twenty percent of that show is based on the card. Looks who is Robert Kardashian? Like explain was he was the lawyer but like Kinda like municipal lawyer like. He got a traffic ticket or something. He's a family friend right and he did like you know. Investments for people who are like closings on houses minor. He was best friend and they brought him on as a lawyer. You know so. He couldn't talk. You know to personal privacy. Oh I see so. They couldn't interview him. And then there's another thing couldn't use them as a character witness Iraq all really interesting and there's a video when OJ got home. He had a Louis Vuitton. Louis Vitton bag and And Kardashian took it and got rid of it and they say the murder clothes were in there you know. They try to say he took the again. This is pre nine eleven. So it's possible. He took the murder weapon and the close to Chicago then came back then. Some say he got rid of him at the airport. Somebody saw him like one of the little garbage cans. Put it in there. You know everyone's seeing you know elves in the sky. Yeah there was a guy that said he. He was doing a Stakeout for another. He was a private investigator sitting outside. Bundy and he saw Jason and OJ. Leaving and he's saying like three years ago but people just make stuff pointed out to be heard yet. Some say that Guy Glenn Roberts did it you know. Who's Glenn Roberts? He was a he was a Serial killers called the cazenove killer. Killed like seventy five people and he went on record. Yeah I killed her and few months before that he was doing like painting work at her house they. Oj paid him to do it. So it's another theory is another theory. Some people believe that are making a movie now. Then there's a The previews on Youtube. It's called the murder of Nicole or something like that and the movies based on that theory. This is also interesting. The girl that plays Nicole is what is her name. The girl that she was in American Pie and the LACROSSE GUYS. Reicher was his girlfriend. 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