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Spring is less than a week away and the boston flower show is in full bloom at the world trade center this in the port district wbz's lana jones ask holly perry of the massachusetts horticultural society just how much damage all this snow may have done in our backyard certainly shrubs and trees are gonna have to be very carefully because the weight of the snow has been very damaging and so we know that fit at perennials i think you will find that they will come through well because the snow is an insulator for from temperatures going up and down and we'll provide water so there may be some damage there but that is not where my concern is a homeowner is my concern for the shrubs and for the trees is there anything we can do for the shrubs right male or or immediately after the snow melts stood to save them well you need to check them you need to prune out the damaged areas certainly if you're dealing with trees and its way up in the canopy you're gonna need a professional to do that you don't want to get up on the ladder and pull off and some of the ladders are told but you do need to go in and you know you start you assess i you pull out what is dead first and you wanna use a bypass crooner of some sort so that it makes a clean clean.

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