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Seventeen seventy six the la times piece i think is trying to be reasonable and fair it's by nicole santa cruz and page saint john and it says at the beginning of the peace stefan clark has become a social media hashtag the latest inspiration for a national movement and the subject of numerous protests that have shut down freeways and interrupted nba games you also saw that one of his brothers appeared at the city council disrupted city council meeting and just jump to the front and sat down on the desk in front of the city council meeting just shouting stefan clark stefan clark's define clark the image of the handsome twenty two year old african american man wearing a broad smile next to his young sons in their mother in a formal family photo has become a rallying cry for justice but in the two weeks since twenty shots were fired at clark in the backyard of his grandmother's house by sacramento police searching for a burglary suspect only fragments of clark's life of surfaced but the los angeles times does report this clark's family has mostly shunned the media spotlight following his death providing scanty tales about clark's life before his killing he was the father of two boys ages one and three not married to the mother friends and family life have described him as fun loving devoted to his family he loved football video games he loves shoes and he was trying to turn his life around turn his life around from what clark endured personal tragedy within his family is sister died at birth a sixteen year old brother was killed in a shooting in two thousand six what kind of shooting a representative with a county coroner said clark's brother demarcus mckinney died from what was ruled an accidental shotgun wound to the abdomen and stefan clarke had a criminal history he had four cases in four years minor stuff well robbery pimping and domestic abuse sacramento county court file show that he pleaded no contest to reduce charges he spent some time on a sheriff's work detail and he was on probation for that two thousand fourteen robbery when he was killed he was twenty two years old and for criminal cases in four years between the ages of eighteen and twenty two with two kids to take care of what what is unclear here is how he helped take care of.

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