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Minnesota marie welcome to the program thank you there was a long one big i can say it's hard to keep up with what donald trump president trump wants to do he always this flip ic wants one thing and then he wants another thing now with this uh thing with john kelly i believe he should definitely stay on i believe he's again a very difficult situation just dealing with president trump because president trump he's not he's not a politician is very obvious to me marie thank you gotta coming up on the break here uh chris whipple lot of drama in this white house whose there's no question about that um is it the chief of staff's job to kind of damp down on uh on this president you know look whether he likes it or not it is it is his job to do that you know as i say he p define the job very differently he said he was only going to make the trains run on time and the west wing and manage the information flow but the job is so much more than that josh bolton who was george w bush is uh pretty effective second white house chief of staff would tell you that it you know you don't as chief of staff substitute your judgment for the president's president is in charge it's his agenda that you're supposed to be carrying out but when the president acts against his best interest and jeopardize his his agenda it's your job to step in and tell him.

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