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In Turkey for them. Turkey is a is a is a safe destination so I do need to point out that when it comes to Turkey managing information, we've been victims of a significant misinformation campaign. But again, if there's any incident that needs to be explored if there's any exaggeration at any given point, I'm going to be the first to look into it. Greece is a country that respects the rule of law We've granted asylum to tens of thousands of people. A lot of them will find their way into Greek society that will be properly integrated. We're working with Europe on a new migration refugee packed, we want the Europeans to be partners. In this effort we don't want to be left alone managing this problem with actually been the first country to organize returns. To countries of origin with. More with the International Organization for for Migration. So we have a comprehensive migration refugee strategy which guests at its premise. Has the need to protect both Orlando or sea borders. Prime Minister Mitsotakis. Thank you so much for joining us. and. Now we turn to Belarus where President Alexander. Lukashenko still clings to power after claiming victory in elections that were widely condemned as fraudulent after the brutal crackdown on protesters that the EU says that it'll impose sanctions on those responsible for. Violence repression and election fraud and is called for new elections. Lukashenko says no to new elections unless quote you kill me but his support appears to be slipping away. One of Lukashenko senior diplomats has defected to democracy activists. He is ambassador to Slovakia Ego, less Kanye, and he's joining me now from Bratislav. Ambassador Welcome. To. The program. I wonder if you can tell me at what point you decided to to break with your government and from a high position and turn towards those who are seeking democracy in your country. I. Full of news I followed we. Followed them very himbal believers of dodgers and use of force against demonstrators eat it was really something horrible zimet the east. Of Zip feature of national character of the Larosiere. Is that was my also scientist show and of course, I was shocked. and. Of course, some more or less pragmatic. WAS ADDED IN ONE Mesh of Bruce His. Classmate of my daughter as parallel will never was listed in trouble. So Devos her over. Over my my personal, my CB perception of the. And the basal of reasons. So let me ask you ambassador you are. Single High Level Ambassador to do this. What do you think is going to happen Lukashenko does not look like he's ready to call a new election certainly, not ready to step down. He says over my dead body. What's going to happen next in Belarus? What are you expecting next? As heir the deluca sharing a unfortunately I have gloomy prophecies a he leaves in the he sporadic all style parody he's wise three streak but very wise. The. Zia are unfaithful children who may change the decision Bata Xerez one very important. Let me say crucial prevision for better development in. Belarus yesterday. Mistake. Proclaimed about creation of so-called kudrow. Nation Council. A but. Now, I do not. I do not think that they are representatives of the people. Now, they may be secretary of the table. There is one more issue I'm sorry connected. The easily, I'm the only more or less high-ranking officials, not only abroad but inside the country who made open state statement doing the why?.

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