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And help them think about ways to help their sleep, and then you're going to see an impact like people are going to feel like they are sleeping better because of your leadership there. So I think that's pretty pretty impactful. Yeah that makes a lot of sense to me, and I also think that like if you're a leader, you may not be good at. If, you're actually doing this well so you should probably ask people to give you feedback if they've you as asleep leader also because since the correlations were kinda low, it's like do your best to do this. But then also asked people like, do you think that I'm doing a good job at this because you might not be the best judge of whether or not? You're actually doing those behaviors. Agreed, and I think from an employee perspective, you know A. Relationship with your that you feel comfortable enough talking about wellness issues you bring it up say like honestly I haven't been sleeping that well, like I feel like I do that all the time I always tell people like the worst night sleep like knit. Yeah. Me Up by lake poking me in the face or something. Weird. Like I feel like I talk about all the time and I think it's totally fine like. At a balance to talk about whether you slept weird or great got enough sleep. So I think bring it up with your leader and you can model that behavior and could also share this information with them. You know maybe you know that across your team People are struggling because of covert or whatever's going on or you have a really busy schedule with a lot of projects going on your whole teams got a lot going on maybe you can model that and you can talk about this and help people understand that you know we need to support each other sleep and start thinking about resources. So I think from an employee perspective, it's a pretty easy. Ask to bring up and yeah, it's not like you're saying, Oh, well, I listen to this podcast like immediately I should be you know. Paid differently or working in a different situation or I should be promoted or whatever like those are easy to fix. But I think having your leader understand that sleep and having conversations around sleep is inbounds and can be very helpful. I think is very simple to to do. Yeah and I think actually going back to the. Initial Marshall Goldsmith thing like the idea of just having some check in questions at the start of. A weekly meeting or something you know how are people doing from a wellness perspective and adding sleep into that and you know or asking people if you have individual meetings like incorporating some wellness early questions including sleep into the way that you're checking in with people so that they know that they can bring it up with you but also so that you know you're opening the dialogue and also I would say I, mean, probably another thing would. Be To model good behaviors so that you're not like emailing people in the middle of the night and making them feel like they like can't go to sleep because you're expecting that they're going to be responding to you know you at all hours of the day and whatever like there are also probably behaviors that you can do in addition to creating a culture climate that people feel comfortable within. But there are probably also here that you can do to. Demonstrate that this is something that you. Care about it or actually GonNa you know. Walk. The Walk I agree I think that's usually I think companies can also do something here. You know Tomo Consulting Projects Right. Let's bring in the resources help people how these conversations sleep I mean every. Not Everybody but a lot of organizations have some sort of health care program some initiatives there I'm sure there are resources I'm sure how the insurance companies have sleep.

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