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President Trump, President Donald Trump, Trump White House discussed on 24 Hour News


CBS news correspondent Errol Barnett. With more Democrats and Republicans now have until February fifteenth to agree on government funding and negotiate a bipartisan border security package. I really feel that working with. With Democrats and Republicans. We can make a truly great insecure deal happened for everyone. Walled should not be controversial moderate senators suggested what could be included in a bipartisan agreement. It's going to be a combination of fiscal barriers technology more border patrol agents. More immigration judges, the shutdown was the longest in American history with federal employees missing two paychecks. Several high profile Democrats have entered the race for the twenty twenty nomination to challenge. President Donald Trump eastern Michigan political science professor, Ed. Sid low speaking yesterday on WWF says keep your eye on the money. What we're gonna wanna watch for over the next six to nine months is who who is able to best raise large amounts of money. Instead, low expects the large democratic field to come into focus sooner rather than later. We can be short of amused or beam used by a large number of candidates. But you know, there are going to be four five six and it will take seriously is spring. Turns into summer democratic senators Elizabeth Warren Kamla Harrison Kirsten gillibrand among others have announced their candidacy, former Trump campaign adviser. Roger stone's set to be arraigned in Washington DC this week stone has been charged with witness tampering obstruction and lying to congress in the special counsels Russia investigation CBS news correspondent Jeff as with more. Former Trump campaign adviser Roger stone who has been friends with the president for decades has denied that he ever shared information about WikiLeaks with then candidate Trump in two thousand sixteen did you have any interactions with President Trump about those WikiLeaks released in a tweet on Saturday night? President Trump mentioned stones indictment the special counsel is seeking to determine if there was coordination between Russian operatives and the Trump campaign. The stone is the sixth person charged connected to the campaign of President Trump to be indicted by special counsel, Robert Muller. Another round of peace talks between the. The us and the Taliban over the seventeen year plus battle in Afghanistan. Tentatively set now four February twenty fifth Michael O'Hanlon at the Brookings Institution says the Trump White House as many of the same choices as the Obama White House to accelerate some kind of a drawdown, but not really commit to a complete pull-out because doing so would essentially throw away the modest, but still real progress we've had in that country since nine eleven and potentially input this country at risk of another major terrorist attacks the war in Afghanistan. Now, the longest in American history. Residents.

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President Trump, President Donald Trump, Trump White House discussed on 24 Hour News

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