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Of the last ten months and mayor jerkin wants him to be made permanent, but some employees within that department. He. Overseas have signed a petition urging the mayor to start over with a more transparent process. Shawny Jones works in the appoint a person as the leader of a department that serves a marginalized community without input from the folks that are impacted the most is highly disrespectful. Several people who live in Seattle's sanctioned homeless camps. Have also spoken out against Johnson's appointment. Durkan's response to this resistance. Will the Seattle times reports she sent a letter to sa-. What citing the fact that Johnson is overseeing an historic increase in shelter bans calling the delay in his confirmation unfortunate. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. More of the Seattle area's most successful companies are sounding the alarm over the decline in middle income housing. Komo's Corwin Hake is live with the update will you'll recall Microsoft step forward. I two weeks ago company. President Brad Smith pledged five hundred million dollars toward financing housing middle-class earners afford Smith. Challenged other local companies to join the effort now regional corporate giants have attached their name. To a report by a group called appropriately challenge. Seattle. Former Governor Chris Gregoire fronts the group challenge. Seattle members. Obviously want the entire region to be economically successful and continue that success. But they fundamentally also want the region to be affordable to all families of all incomes. The Seattle times reports, Costco, Zillow warehousing and Expedia or among the challenge. Seattle companies now calling for policy changes to relieve the lack of housing proposals include new zoning laws to allow more density. Another idea would take tax credits used to finance low income projects and extend them to middle income housing. So far, though, Microsoft, stands alone among local companies in pledging major money toward the effort. Reporting live Corwin Hake. Komo news. Komo news time six oh. Eight a woman died in a drunk driving crash in Pierce county last night. Komo's Joel Moreno reports had happened along Sumner taps highway near one hundred sixty second avenue investigator. Their car was stopped in the road, signaling to make a left hand turn when I was hit from behind by a speeding vehicle. The impact pushed it into another car coming head on speed darkness, alcohol, contributing factors in the lady who's deceased terrorism no-fault around a man in the car with the woman who died ended up with critical injuries to teens were in the third car and both moderately hurt. Detectives say the fifty seven year old driver who causes definitely had alcohol in his system at this rate of speed, and this type of collision we're lucky that we don't have three or four deceased. Investigators say there is no doubt that they will be recommending vehicular homicide and assault charges against the driver who they say causes just as soon as he's able to leave the hospital. The measles outbreak originating in southwest. Washington has now spread to a third state. Health officials have confirmed two cases of measles on the big island of Hawaii officials say the cases are in unvaccinated children who travelled to Hawaii from Washington, Dr Beth evil works at Harborview. Seattle children's. This is absolutely a.

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