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Abetting mood after the Super Bowl. The over under for the state of the union address. Length is one hour twenty minutes. Let's too long. I'm going to the favourite is on the over. I'm going to hope for the under by doesn't need to be there on time for that. Question that I'm going to fast forward and try to tell by fast forwarding, if anything exciting happen. No way. I'm watching the hell take take one for the joy it. Oh god. You know, what I'm really motivated talking about is the Hawaiian smoking lawn. How horrific it is. But no get to that. Eventually let me pay this off. Just because I mentioned it pay it pay it forward. One of the big disagreements. We were just talking with Mike lines military analysts. And he's he's he's for us. Being done with Afghanistan in Syria. But one of the real problems that Trump had with Madison's he told Mattis to give him a plan for getting out of Syria and Mattis didn't present a plan for getting out of Syria because he didn't want to get out of Syria at that point, you can't work together anymore and Obama had the same problem. He I don't remember which one he was wanting to wind down, but he wanted to plan and they sat down in a meeting. This is from one Woodward's books, and they didn't they presented him plans for continuing. And he said you guys are trying to box me in my not offering me any any of my plans. That's what the military does. They wanna keep fighting forever. And this villian leadership has to put Limonov that or you be somewhere forever now. Sometimes you need to stay right? Not always, you know. It's funny. There are certain things people ideas that are are so true and have been so true for so long. They've become kind of a cliche and aren't taken seriously anymore. But the fact that the supreme allied commander Dwight D Eisenhower upon leaving the presidency. One of the very few things. He chose to say to the American people was where the military industrial complex. I think I think all Americans ought to spend ten minutes thinking about what he meant by that. There is tremendous money made in war what Mike this money so many interests on so many levels dollars. Right. Well, and just you know to complete the circle briefly those tremendous dollars find their way into lobbying. I mean, you, you know, the stories I'm sure my friends about you know, the air force says we don't want that plane. It's a plane. We don't need it. But they keep building it because it's being built in a powerful congressman's district that sort of thing is legendary then you add the intransigence of executives. I'm an intelligence exact I'm an intelligence, whatever you high up in the intelligence service. I say now, I think we really ought to get out of Syria. It's just not in the national interest to be there and God forbid. I don't know. Isis does have a resurgence or Putin takes it over and uses it as a missile battery and takes out France. I don't know something happens. You're doomed your career is over. Whereas if you say if you advocate every single day who I think we just stick with the status quo stick with the status quo. Even if the status quo goes to hell. You can't be fired for sticking with the status quo. Everybody thought it was a good idea. So that's just that's a human tendency. And I think people are far far far far far too casual with the young lives of our service people. Thinking. Well, that's the only thing we'll sacrifice, and you know, few trillion dollars tax payer, certainly to casual at the money. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's hard to know. I mean, listen, if I'm going to put on my understanding hat, which is at the back of the closet, frankly, I forgot I owned it. But if I'm going to put on my understanding hand, I would say even if people's motives weren't suspect. This stuff would still be pretty hard and complicated, and there'd be a lot of difficult judgment calls. But I think it's worth considering what people's motivations are as you discuss it, our twenty state of the union address. Man wrong. I'm just dreading. It. Is that the right attitude must've it turns ugly? Maybe I'll wait till it's over all DVR it follow Twitter. And when people start saying, oh my God. Can you believe that then I'll watch a little right when Twitter goes wild. Oh, no. They're actually fighting. There's a fistfight. Wouldn't that be something? I hope he moon walks at the end Representative. Representative AO see. Yeah. You know, she Google VERA. I'm the liberal democratic upstart from New York is bringing a sex assault. Survivor who cornered Republican Jeff flake in an elevator and screamed at him and made him changes vote because he's a gutless coward. Who is going to run for the presidency is some sort of moderate cross the aisle guy, which is not a terrible strategy. But that's obviously what he did what he did. Let's see Representative Pramilla J Paul de wash chairwoman of the congressional progressive caucus is bringing a climate change. Scientists Representative Ilhan Omar de Minnesota's Somali refugee is bringing a Liberian refugee was threatened with deportation. All will be wearing white. See, that's the participation me wanna puke because they're so pure of heart and good and decent. I hope they all go out for a talion food and get sauce on themselves. Wow. The left wing quite as vengeful as Liam Neeson. No. Not really. The left wing of the ascendant House Democrats, according to Sheryl Stolberg in the New York Times. We'll have a rare opportunity to confront President Trump in two thousand sixteen Republicans headed for the exits before President Barack Obama finished his final address in one famously shouted you lie.

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