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Right at six o'clock following Sean Hannity, the war on conservative media voices. What's fair game and off limit and panhandlers? Make more money when a dog is used as a prop. Why is this legal? That's on W O R tonight. The voice of New York seven ten w art. Live from the iheart tower in Tribeca, Mark Simone on the voice of New York. Seven ten w. Well, Rhonda, shear course, big TV star. In wrote a big bestselling book called up all night, some great stories in there, and then created a fashion empire. And as always one of our favorite guests. Rhonda shear how you doing? I am so good. And I'm so depressed that my parents didn't have the money to get me into a better college, which one would you have gone to. I went to Leo university in New Orleans. That's good. No, actually, I'm very proud of my roots. Because I was just honored by Loyola. 'cause I did it the old fashioned way. Only because I don't think my parents would have thought to do any other anything else. But yeah. Well, you know, it's kinda crazy about all. This is the fact that it's Hollywood people and Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman. And I think that what's interesting about it is Hollywood days, so mom on anything, you know, that world, obviously, they're they're they're they're quick to bad mouth anything in all things Trump. But they're very quiet on each other. The only person who came out against both of these actresses who helped their daughters. Big time is Rob Lowe of all people who said that his kids. Did it the old fashioned way by studying? But yeah, this has been going on forever. Parents would write letters. I know of people that did, you know, I'm from New Orleans old school people who would write letters, and and make donations to the university is how it was done donate. Nation's school. I mean, I'm not saying that it was done. Let's say that it was to get their kid in. But they made a big donation, you know, and this happens and will always happen. It's just that. This was a little creepy. I'm sure it's not it's creepy on. No. But it's Hollywood. And I think that's what's interesting for me. It's kind of for me personally. It's like, oh, well, you getting back a little bit of your your holier than thou. Everything is right. Combine Trump is so bad. Let's show everything of his let's let's keep investigating him. But now, they're just getting a little taste of, you know, maybe some more investigations will go into what's what they've been doing in their lives. You know for me. I kinda like that. Yeah. Look at this Warner time. Warner Warner Brothers CEO big metoo investigation going on. I don't see you're right. I don't see that. Getting a lot of news coverage. You're not seeing any of their Cup. They don't get the coverages. They listen if we started opening doors to like, okay, the musicians my personal feeling. I'm Michael Jackson is like these people who are banding as music is crazy because we don't know he's not here. I mean, I knew people who knew him and. Yeah, the guy was a little strange, but he wanted to be a kid forever. I my opinion he did sleep with kids and that was not normal in bed. I don't really do anything else. But that's my opinion. But banning his music of a legend like that is crazy if we had to start opening that can of worms, I know personally, friends who opened for major major accent did stand up comedy. And these guys would bring little girls backstage and have their way. If you know what I mean? So we who is this. We'd be banning seriously. We went back in time would be banning the Frank Sinatra's. It'd be Brett banning the Tom Jones. What did he do come on? You know, these guys loved all they're women. I'm not sure that's all right. You can have. No, no. I'm not putting it down. I'm with you. I'm I'm open-minded. I'm just saying we'd open a can of worms of who was with underage. But maybe didn't know they were underage people and rock and roll stars. We would be banning all kinds of music. That's all I know. I agree with you. Let's see if we keep opening up every little it's like everything has become so proper what's going to happen on the other side, though is they're gonna start investigating Vesa gate Trump so much. We're going to start investigating their side. And let's see here a little thirty houses. Yeah. But I agree with you certain are major works of art. They shouldn't be banned. You know, if you took you went into a museum and saw the greatest paintings in history. And you checked into these artists background, you're gonna find horrible things. But you can't ban the work of arts to important it can't ban. The as a matter of fact, I have probably banning anything. I mean that was to me that was being American was banning anything, you shouldn't ban anything. But I mean, it's like you can't make a step out your front door with my girlfriends now, we're girls lunches, and we have to be careful what we say. I don't like us. I like to be able to talk all kinds of nasty stuff. I mean, you should hear when women get together. Oh, no. It's not like anything, you guys think that you don't even know we go we go places that you don't even wanna know about. I know you do that. You don't men don't do that men. Don't talk like that. With each other. Describe each other's personal. We do that. We talk about our husbands what they look like which shape. They are you know, it's so horrible. It's so nasty, but it's so much fun. You guys could never like a guy couldn't discuss the sexy head with somebody in detail with somebody else. It's too. It's too intimate that we get into major detail. Why what is it with you women? We'll get down. Now, we get down. That's why you don't like it policy. I mean anti-piracy because I like to let it all hang out and just tell it like, it is I can't that's what's going on with this whole world. All these people do walking around the secret just tell it like it is. You know, my feeling is you don't why you can't get in trouble. Because I can't remember my lives anyway. Okay. But explain explain this guys don't understand this. If they bring up if they bring up sex with a woman the woman get so offended. How could you even bring that up? How it even talk to me like that? But the women get together talk about it for three hours. It's how you bring it up. Even if they brought it up the right way. Oh, I can't discuss that with you that. But if it's another woman five hours at lunch to discuss it five hours, we we had a five hour lunch. So you just don't even know what we were talking about their their husbands size shape. Oh, we just get really graphic women do that. I would if I could I wouldn't even talk more on your show. You know? I just can't I'm tiptoeing right now. But oh, yeah. We get really graphic and Mentana do that. I mean, you know, I mean. Yeah. You can't go there. I know it. But you know, we would you want about like saying that we don't wanna talk sex. We do we do. We wanna talk sacks. We want to tell you what we like the thing. Is you guys usually I don't care. What you like? I know she. No, no, no. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. We must be pleased. And that's. We're pleased. We're gonna make you happy person. That's so hard. I mean, pardon the pun. I mean, we get that we understand that. But if we've been married for thirty years, it's not that important of you're pleased. No, you tell. Is after thirty years is what you have to romance. Mark, mark. That's when cheating happens. I have a girlfriend right now her we care if she's pleased. No. Remember when the old Robin was fine. And no one talked about it. That's a big deal. Well, that's because the Bob Kraft. But you're a woman in the world you understand that the guys do that? But a lot of women didn't realize I live in Saint Petersburg, Tampa, Florida. Those places are everywhere. The thing is I'm not saying, you know, listen, if they truly are, you know, sex slaves, and you're being held against their will, which I don't believe all these places are at all at all. I think that was a little prosecutor exaggeration going on there. Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying that doesn't exist. I mean, Pam Bondi went after a lot of that in the state. And then there was a lot of that. But I think that's just way too out in the open. You know? But yeah, it's just goes on happens things happen. Everything is so correct now. Well, I like you you're such an honest person. You don't know. If I if you if there wasn't like some sort of censorship, we like to go with you, the places would be like, I I could make your hair stand on top of God, we're gonna have to do a podcast now. Yes. You do a podcast. Well, no. But if you do a podcast, you can say anything, you want us you need to do a podcast because I could I could give you tips for what makes women happy. I. The other stuff. Listen, I'm in the intimate apparel business. You think I don't hear every do? You know, the things I hear I have any male customers. I have but we're in a new world. So I have customer service calls answered the phone from every day. Right. And so they're young girls or out of college or fabulous girls. But they're not used to guy going. Hey, my name is Roger I'm not sure if these pennies worked for me 'cause my junk falls out of it. I mean, these are women's panties. So they have to be very delicate on how they answer these questions. Well, you must have to pay him a lot to talk to this. Roger who is. It's not just Roger I'm just using Roger as an all over name. Okay. We get a lot of phone calls. But we have a lot of listen. This is this is a new world you go onto MAC dot com. As in not MAC, computer, but MAC cosmetics. There's guys wearing make up this girl's roommates. It's just a whole world. So we have to be very kind of gentle indelicate. But anyway, I heard you talking about the whole retail thing only got about thirty seconds, thirty seconds. It's things are changing faster than the speed of light. And I know you just heard about, you know, you know, Victoria's Secret all it's all about you have to be multi channel, you have to be able to reach a customer, everywhere and everywhere I wanna get into that the next time or let's come. We'll do it again next week. We can talk about it next week. But I'll give you more sex chips to good coming up. Hey, if people want to buy at the best clothing, lingerie where did they go? Dot com Aitchison dot com as well. But Rhonda shear dot com. We at the hotel logging sexy stuff, and you know, we'll give you tips. Even you boys tips. It's really good stuff. Rhonda, shear dot com and Rhonda shear..

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