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Welcome back. I'm Jim Rome. All right. So again, it felt wrapped up coming. We're trying to get as many top prospects on this program prior to the draft as we possibly can. I've got another one for you right here. A former safety at Mississippi State and all American first team all SEC player one hundred and seventy tackles fourteen tackles for loss. Five sacks and three fumbles forced plus two interceptions in the last two seasons. The twenty nine thousand nine NFL draft is April twenty fifth through April twenty-seventh. It's in Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan Abram is my guest Jonathan really good to have you on you. I'm pretty good. How 'bout you miss? I'm great, man. I'm great good. Here. You listen. You got a couple of more months away from the start of the draft and only two days from the start of the combine. So bring us up to date. How has your life right now? Right now, we're pretty much kinda D load and going into the Combi. So I mean, we've been taking your county wasting thing. As far as like, I say drought Predrag. I mean, pre combine workouts and things of that nature. So it's pretty much slowing down getting ready for the come on. All right, then in addition to that, you're getting a lot of attention. You're getting a lot of run as potentially the best safety in the draft. How do you go about dealing with that do you like that attention or maybe you try to block it all out? I mean, I do like their attention because I mean, it's true. But I mean, you can't let it get to you. So I mean what I've been doing is just been staying humble just working more. There you go. I can go out improved it on the grounds. Because I mean, no matter what anybody says you have to prove it you got to prove it. And you gotta believe it Jonathan Abrams guest. Now, one of the things that's really obvious from watching you on film is that you're not at all fair contact at all. In fact, it looks like you really like to hit where does the approach come from. I really don't know growing up. You know, I was always I wasn't aggressive care. But I mean, always like contact, and you know, just playing football the right way to be play more than. Data at the same time. The NFL is a game of football. It is changing. So how do you balance that aggressive approach on the field without drawing penalties? Me, and my coaches previously. We worked all lorrimore strike you guys. Be hit in the lower lower grisly areas. The go-to by the way as far as keeping my head of seeing what I hit target. 'cause like you said, you know, the game is changing, but his ways around, and if you talk to the correct way injuries, you prevent the person getting hurt, and you you don't create Jonathan Abram. Joining us getting ready for the combine and the NFL draft plays college. Mississippi state. Listen, look at your background and you played your high school ball at east Marion in Mississippi. What are those routes mean to you, and what it means to be representing that area and following in the footsteps of the guys who came before you only means a lot to me now with one of the reason why upside and stay home even junior college because I had the chance to go pretty much anywhere searching for me. I wanted to be one of those guys that represented my state from Mississippi State. It means a lot of my family back home. All my friends. Nobody reaches out to me. Tell me how proud of him proud of me that they are. And you know, a lotta guys that came before me like Bobby Helms say he played in the NFL four year. Our guys that go overlooking like career breath. He's from. He's really from Columbia Mississippi. The great wall to pay. So it means a lot to media represent my area. And you know, trying to build up my resume to be one of the great day. You know, the kids look up to and want to be like one day. We're talking to you Abram. You have no idea how happy that made me that you mentioned Terrell Buckley like when you were being recruited Louisville was very interested. The story goes to Todd Grantham antibody were all over you. And then you were recruited junior college. As you mentioned I mentioned teapot because he was at Mississippi State. He's one of my favorite guys ever literally ever. What was it like being recruited by Terrell Buckley and playing defense with him on the staff? It was really funny because he was first actually my off outta high school to Liu. So he was seventy because that's what plenty of with my Smith. I ended up deciding to go to Georgia. So he me. I mean, you know, we still talk because I like I said we were pretty close coming out of high school. We haven't being from Columbia. And so we just couldn't take. And it was a, you know, he he was always upset me that decided to go to George pretty at the same time. So we had the time. I was gonna transfer. He was all over the he would not let me get away. So and that's where we end up. We always laugh and joke. He never let me get away to do. If you've done that to him twice if you had done that team twice that would not have gone. He would've been. Oh, you're too young. To know what he was great. I mean, he he used to catch. He was you know, just talking to some of the guys that play with him. You know, like, they say, you know, he was they talked a lot. He would overshadow by prime time. When he was there for the guys who say, we know he forgot the Green Bay. A lot of fans, but the first time you got in on the proletarian took it like seventy yards at out job. I'm so glad that you know, that that's his deal, man. He made plays. Now, he gave up some plays. But he plays. He was electric. I'm kind of curious I t buck in middle age. What's he like now? Well, he's still talks trash. Mary listening, you still try you? He was trying to go out there and race you feel for three years. Over. So go out there. You know, can your spring take it gives them every time because he always makes them go. He's movement. And by the time, they go. That is incredible. That is such a good story Jonathan Abrams joining us. I'm glad to hear mom antibody has not changed that much now after your time at Georgia. You went to junior college. And then in Mississippi State every time I have somebody on from Mississippi State. We talk about life in starkville. What was stark Vegas like for you? For me. I mean, I love Vegas because. You know, it's a it's an agricultural school. So it's pretty country. You know, coming Columbia. I'm a country, boy, I like hunting fishing and things of that nature. So for me, it was relaxed. It's a quiet place. But at times, you know, you can go out and have fun for me. That's one thing. I didn't really focus on, you know, going for me was like strictly a business trip. Now got my degree. I the whole situation, and I ended up having great years there. So that was my main motto just going in here. Just working going to accomplish what I need to come. Jonathan Abram is my guest may ask about your teammate Jeffrey Simmons he was expected to be an early pick. And then he'd last week in training. What was your reaction when you heard that? Economy me, you know, like once it happened. You know, we just saw. I told him he got a free situation. He's been doing much worse. Change his life. You know, what you know ahead. Just merely a bump in a row. And you know, we talked about it. You know, you're still going to Jesse because feel speaks for sale high character guy, he's got you won't have on your team. And so, you know, he realized that he he's gonna lose somebody, you know, with all injury. But I told me happen. There's nothing he can do about it. You just gotta make the best out of the situation. And as is merely what life is you can't control everything, but things do happen to you gotta make the best out of them. And so we stand positive. Yes. Surgery yesterday. So everything went well. You know, he he was the best of luck at the combine, you know, everybody working your body. You know, I'm gonna tell the same thing. You know, he's the guy you want your team your team. And that's not because I'm he's my teammates as because of the type of person, you're great guy. I love playing. I definitely would help whoever draft. Now, take him whatever rounded they decide to take. Sean when he does come back. He's gonna come back a hundred times better. Johnson Abram is my guest. Listen before you go. There's another level to what you're doing right now. And if you're okay with this. I wanna ask you about something that you're involved with the T t s foundation even raising money for each bench press reps that you get at the combine for the twin to twin transfusion syndrome foundation when you and your wife were expecting twins. There was a diagnosis of stage three t t s what is your know about that at that time in what was it like to hear that news at the moment? I mean when it first happened. I was just really confused because I mean, I really know about it. We're coming into. Now. I was still cover. You know, having a kid. So you know, I knew about people having all the time for twins was kind of new to me. So I was kind of wrapping my head around the whole situation and then. It was even scarier because you know, my wife, she was really sad. You know, we really didn't know what to do when the foundation reached out and. The wind up having natty or a couple of cathedrals and things of that nature. They just were big help and my wife, actually, she ended up meeting. One of the women who were in the foundation with her at the hospital, and it was like they just were major helped cook. And so I just want to do anything. I can't possible to help them in any way. So now, I'm going out to my real thin. Foundation hoping to you know, create more awareness for better treatment. Anything that I can possibly go. What I get her money of my own I plan to donate again Johnson Abram. I guess I gotta ask you. I mean, this is something that is so painful, and because of that you and your family very easily could have kept his private, which you've taken on a role you want to help others. Why was that something that was so important to you? 'cause I mean every day I just wake up, and I looked at my daughter, and she was born three months premature. So he was always. Ma..

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