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There is a quick and easy to use. Allusion on natural solution snore. Stop the number one selling anti-smoking medicine in the US. Thank you snore. Stop you save. My marriage is time to try snore. Stop and make every night of better night for both of you spray or tablets are available today at Rite Aid, and CVS, or online at snort stop dot com. Hawaii's news leader NewsRadio eight thirty k h v eight here's Rick Amata with today's trending stories. Eight oh three in the morning. Dialed in together. Some of the stories we're tracking for you. All lanes of Puno street every opened near capacity medical center, water main broke yesterday afternoon. The WS wrapped up repairs on the two inch to Hinch main last night. Seven hours of traffic delays. Rescue crews on Maui looking for a man who went missing on Monday while hiking in why Lucas thirty five year old no Mina is believed to have been hiking in an area. Your copy ridge trail, also known as the Saint Anthony cross now the search for Amanda Eller enters its fourteenth day today. She was reported missing car was found part at the Makgalenele forest reserve may eight. And fire crews have revealed the cause of a massive blaze that heavily damaged a Pacific Heights home on Monday. FD says, well the generator exhaust placed too close to stored. Combustibles. The entire garage and large section of the three story home collapsed damage almost three hundred forty thousand dollars. Some of the stories we're tracking for your.

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