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It on. The poll. guillermo has yellow been responsible for tens of thousands of data. That is an absurd number. Just a really. It's it's staggering. That they think the yellow is resulted in more deaths than like with the number snow every year. Like every year the sun-sentinel puts out like a piece. That's here's everything we found in someone's rectum in the last year like a database of things that people have found in people's rectums and people have decided that they're gonna get a little kinky. You know and and i feel like that's only something you do. If you have thrown caution to the wind you the mice on the book here. Mo is putting items in your rectum something. You only do if you've thrown. I love that. He uses kinky and caution to the way the wind. I mean the logical leap. You just made their from yolo killing tens of thousands of people to this very strange newspaper. I've many of us have never heard. Yeah that was a strange. Don't don't judge fancy shaming. I'm not war a little bit. You are your shame. Fancy freak all right so this is a. This is from a deadspin story in two thousand eighteen. This is the us consumer product safety commission's database of emergency room visits. So these are all the things that people have found in various body. Parts that goes. We all have to pick one item here that we would do your nose notes. What's wrecked right. So here's the list for rectum for rectum. We're picking one sure. Christmas ornament ball billiard ball. That has to be unpleasant. That's smith christmas. Ornaments seems like things are expanding. Yeah that's your other choices. The mail file shot glass quote crack cocaine with.

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