Gulf Coast, Cavanaugh, Senator Rob Portman discussed on Hugh Hewitt


Introduced capital to the committee or former Ohio Senator Rob Portman and former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice, apple hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes correspondent saga megani? Says a Fifty-three-year-old Cavanaugh has long been a Washington fixture. Both on the federal bench banned in the White House. Vice President Mike Pence says Democrats have no intention of getting Cavanaugh a full review if we lived in a more respectful time. Judge cavenaugh would be overwhelmingly confirmed democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren says the White House continues withholding tens of thousands of documents about Kavanagh's government work without that. No, there won't be due consideration. Democrats have been trying to delay the hearings. But Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is promising a confirmation vote before the high court convenes in October budget matters weighing heavily on lawmakers has congress gets back to work today. There is an end of the month deadline for a possible government shutdown. Tropical storm, Gordon continues its March toward the northern Gulf Coast could make landfall as a hurricane the expect a Gordon to continue moving out of west northwest northwest track and make landfall somewhere in the north central Gulf Coast late tonight or early on Wednesday. The National Hurricane Center is Richard. Patch says the Alabama and Mississippi coasts are under a hurricane warning. All other parts of the northern Gulf Coast or under tropical storm warnings, Louisiana. Governor John Bel Edwards wearing a state by state of emergency. On Wall Street this morning. Dow futures down one hundred twenty four points, NASDAQ futures off twenty three more on these stories at townhall dot com. Stocks and options trading involves financial risk, and it's not suitable for all investors, all your stockbroker and hire yourself. I'm Scott Bauer. And I've been a professional trader for over twenty five years, I've traded for Goldman Sachs and was the first Amazon market maker at the Chicago Board options exchange..

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