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You can find also formation. There was a point in life. You'd think of it. How many people knew could find out what his capital of Kazakhstan? Only money to buy the BRITANNICA INESSA. I mean I. Remember as a child that getting the gift of the encyclopedia was a major. Gift. was thing. I think they. Know that quote today's. Children are the first generation that will never be lost. In general terms because they carry them up with them in basically their foam. Let's just in general terms, so I think that's interesting. Their Journal thing just to finish on the doctor analogy that you were talking about the other big thing. I think that even if the technology did allow. Medical professionals to be cloned and probably that trust element. You know what I trust the doctor over a human doctor. I think that would be another barrier or challenge that organizations might face with whatever the implement an AI. Solutions is always trust factor based on will the customer. Will the end user have trust him that and how they try and build and foster. Sometimes, it's a generational thing. Sometimes! It's a sale thing. Sometimes it somewhere in the middle like that, so think interesting times ahead. That's that's not a fascinating topic. That we've seen in many many areas I can prove you mathematically. The machine would make fewer mistakes than human being. May Still Trust the human being better, and you cannot explain it rationally now. Yes, and one favorite example is is the on. We go hiking in the forest, and sometimes we think there's a bear and there is no bear. Now, the machine not make that mistake, but I think you will trust me better than that machine precisely because I made that mistake. Some Somali tells you. I. Yes yes. But but We have to be. Berry Happy that is beginning to provide a better useful information. years. I was talking about my Dream I. I, visited Phillips Big Company that does imaging medical imaging and they told me they have hundreds of millions of medical images that the doctors to for whatever reason they'd be sitting there. One doctor saw it. And, so he made a heavy in the I this canceled its medical images. And finds out that there's something wrong. Ask event. They could prevent millions of diseases. Guess what it's happened so in the last few years has been so many systems introduced. They can look at your skin and tell you that probability that that sunspot will develop into skin cancer. They can look at. Your heart, your brain, you know the oldest medical images actually can be processed, so what I want is a cloud where we have these images, and then we have some A. Bolts that don't stop based on the latest scientific evidence scan. non-stop non-stop your image of course US privacy. Just said they are and you know there's a new scientific theory that little dot means something hang you get. Notified on your phone all talk to your doctor about this thing. That will save your life so. Our heavy. Yeah I think that's a good A. Story to end on there I think it's really good. Think about in terms of that good for humanity from ai the health implications and getting that type of results straight your phone, you can seek the intervention that you do need at the end of the day at fantastic and I guess few point of. Piero scruffy. Thank you so much for joining us on today's CCC, talks. Thank you very much. Thank.

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