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Couldn't have got the attention he couldn't have got the media attention he couldn't have gotten on the ballots he couldn't have been on the ballot if it hadn't been for the democratic party done some luck they rigged in favour hillary clinton the may of course that that that you know that that's the that's the whole thrust of donna brazile book and she's a former chairman of the dnc russ from hickory hills they rush hey aclu's ghost hunter percent for our run outs wait wait wait wait no they're not going to touch the 401 k they say oh yeah well we'll see okay connecticut massachusetts in all the groups of course so sore swire probably won't have our i'm getting true it oh i know what i like all night dokic one point quickly oh true i think proof this hour your academy starts at one sour because commercial what three other amigos ira gonna run one the economy start thinking in this country because we were soured you worst such in common yeah on and off what common on life with the city of kupres oh look for the research to make sure it's like a um yep well i i you well you brush you got a point i mean that the analysis by the new york times says says for example people who live in high tech states in illinois the coin if you believe as is kind of a high tech state baked currently itemised the deductions it so they could pay more because of the limitations on the state and local tax deductions although you know for you i woke up four cool alzheimer's would panic governor get to not war room conduct cup so four kuhn lecturing mr king early on an old cow cope right all right all right he i can't who i know go which would wouldn't hey thank you very much for.

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