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An Alexa and I like that I can ask Alexa if you want to put the smart in your smart speaker all of a sudden I hereby fifty FYI on I heart radio you are listening to conservative circus I am your ring master James at C. Harris our next guest well he was a Mike Baker a former coal covert operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency a president and co founder of the private intelligence and security firm a frequent guest on fox news channel in current producer and script advisor to the entertainment industry and Mike it is my understanding that you are in a bunker somewhere the northwest writing out the goal but nineteen pandemic on a scale of one to ten how would you rank the dangers of this pandemic to your work as a C. I. A. operative well first of all thank you very much and and yeah the reception remarkably good down here at the Barker so I would say look at this pandemic you know it's it's it shouldn't be a surprise to you to anyone but we should have frankly and we did you don't talk about this in terms of the Intel community and concerns over you know what's coming down the pike there was an awareness that you usually this will not be the last one will have another one you know we had previously issues like this whether it's H. one N. one of sars and so we have to we have to get smarter I guess is the point we have to stop acting like every time something like this happens yeah and then talk about sort of the general public we we have to stop acting like it's the first time right and so we I think there's this this collective attention deficit disorder and particularly in the U. S. here where we we seem to just it's too easy for us to move from one thing to the next we don't necessarily remember what happened even I you know about it previous month and you know then we keep getting distracted by the next shiny object it flies by so I'm hoping we come out of this we are coming out of it we've been will do just fine look markets are extremely resilient you know global gonna do just fine but we need to take some lessons from it and be smarter and better prepared to handle the next one so when you say take lessons from this Michael what are some of the lessons that you think we need to learn as a society well first for most I think we need to get our heads around the idea that that China the regime in China the Communist Party is first and foremost and always will be concerned with maintaining power and and keeping control of its population so we should never expect anything coming out of there to be accurate or transparent so that's the first point we need to take all the reporting whether it's on the next pandemic that occurs that made originate there or whether it's other economic reporting on military buildup or whatever it might be you take with a grain of salt so that would be the the first step but it coming out of this I think we need to do a real artist assessment as to how we as a as a global community handle this problem what we do better next time around how do we better prepare what about our manufacturing you know do we move some more of our pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the U. S. if that's possible yes these are the sort of things we should be looking at Mike Baker is a former covert operations officer with the C. I. A. he is in the center ring in your television show black files declassified you investigate top secret government programs now I gotta ask you this because I got you on the phone is the corona virus a top secret program of the Chinese government you know I think if there there's there's rumors you know rampant about you know what this thing actually created in in a lab in Wuhan and Beijing they have a you know a very high the security by by a bio lab in Wuhan and that has been the subject of of concern in the past but the U. S. state department you know noted that back in early two thousand eighteen they noted that the lab there was concern that they didn't have sufficient protocols in place for security for containment they didn't have enough properly trained technicians and so you know the state department was was basically making the argument that the US should provide them with more support and frankly the national institutes of health the nat NIH and some other academic grants have been supporting that lab in one of the past few years so but do I think that it it started there I I think it it's not likely I think it it was a naturally occurring strain corona virus I think that it probably was examined in the lab and the weather was altered on purpose or accidentally whether it was improperly handled I think that's plausible and I think further intelligence work will probably prove that out but right now that's a work in progress still alive if they come from the wet lab I'm wondering how come China you know they're able to have so much control over their people how come they're not able just to shut those wet labs down seeing they create a subcommittee of the pandemic's we've seen in the last fifty years well it's a it's a good question but feel the web marketing in China R. it is not just in China there you know that fairly common throughout Southeast Asia in Asia are a primary source of of food shopping you know for with the population there and so you know it's it's it's tougher than it sounds these that we're not talking about just a handful of these these what markets and and not all of them are you know this is the dealing and exotic animals and bathroom whatever it may be a lot of them are just providing normal you know foodstuffs and and supplies for the population so it's a it's a tougher issue than that but yeah I mean it is something that you think maybe they they need to crack down further on some aspects of some of those markets but again they did that the Chinese government has had a long history of options peace station lack of transparency in their reporting for whatever the issue may be so again we shouldn't be shocked by the fact that you know early days the Chinese regime of the government you know they didn't allow the World Health Organization officials in we have to be very skeptical about the reporting that was coming out and that exponentially you know worsened this crisis I don't think there's any doubt about that this I tell you what I I would appreciate I appreciate you all this topic considering and I want to have you back on as we get closer to re opening because I think there's more information that's going to be coming out about about the about these this virus this origins the impact it has on the country Mike Baker I want to thank you very much for your time it these the things that we're learning about China I think my bigger is right we got to take with a grain of salt we we think we're being reported to truth we think that we're being we're being up to date or being brought up to date up to speed on what's happening with the Wuhan virus the reality is we really don't know and this is part of the reason why president trump was so forceful this week with the World Health Organization because the state of digging down for the truth the World Health Organization ended up sort of covering for China so when we start talking about the the wet markets the Noles labs all this stuff is is curious because the rumor is out there and at first we were told that that was a conspiracy theory but the reality is I mean we should be able to ask these questions because of just how the freaky nature of this virus and the things we're being told about it coming from Europe and from the United States of America saw yeah we're going to touch base again we got the the the trial's going under way in South Dakota also we got stimulus checks are being handed out who is getting them and who will not we will discuss that at seven thirty three twenty six minutes after the hour five of the five fifty key FY I downloaded on the G. fifty nine Arizona airports will split two hundred twenty four million dollars in corona virus stayed under the care sacked the federal grants are meant to help replace lost revenue and keep employees on the payroll sky harbor will get the lion's share at almost a hundred forty eight million dollars Tucson International Airport will receive twenty three million dollars in Phoenix mesa gateway is awarded twenty and a half million a coalition led by the center for economic integrity is calling on governor Ducey to issue an executive order halting collections of debt payments from bank accounts as well as car repossessions during the Colbert nineteen emergency it comes amid concerns that stimulus payments will be drained from Arizona's bank accounts by debt collectors president trump says he's going to hold back funding for the World Health Organization while a review is conducted into what he says is the WHO's Roland severely mismanaging the early spread of coronavirus in China trump says the W. H. O. was not on board with his initial decision to ban travel to the U. S. from China and a new statewide poll continues to give Democrat mark Kelly the edge over Republican Martha McSally in the race for her Senate seat fifty one to forty two percent the pollster Mike noble says more of those likely voters have never heard of or have no opinion of Kelly giving McSally an opportunity to impress them now with a look at the roads here Steve Trella still have an accident HOV lane is blocked on I. ten westbound near dieser DPS is on the scene along with tow trucks to clean that up also have an accident eighty Third Avenue and lower Buckeye road that you need to look out for Steve Trella five fifty K..

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