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The best. That's Hercules tire DOT COM Hercules tires. Ride on our strength. Welcome back to out loud. We're joined now by Kim. Kun My former co host on the NASCAR. Live free ratio. I Miss You. Let me say that right off the bat. It's been a little lonely without you but I'm glad you're here today. Let's talk a little bit about the season today. Only two races and so far. What has jumped out most at you to start the season. I think how well penske drivers and teams have transitioned with all the changes that they made over there basically playing musical chairs with everything they possibly could and right out of the Bat. I feel like both Ryan Blaney enjoy and Brad Keselowski have all been very good and very strong both weekends that we've been at the track. I expect the same going into this next weekend and for me. That was the biggest price because again when you change things you never know teams are going to react. People underestimate how important those personal relationships are and how much a team really is a team sport. It's almost like football. Where the coach and the quarterback all the attention but all the other guys make it go to absolutely and then another thing that stands out to me Hendrick motorsports. I think this could be a year where we see. All four of those cars. Get to Victory Lane I don I don't Wanna I don't WanNa change with you. But they've shown speed. I think the new body on the Camaro is working well for them. I know we're only two weeks and I think auto club is going to be very telling if it continues to be a trend of them being fast and running up front or if it's just maybe a fluke or the first two races. I don't know I I think you're probably right. I think they all will have a very good shot at getting the victory lane this year. You mentioned Auto Club. You're going to be out there this weekend. On pit road opening up with practice. Now give folks that idea if they haven't listened to our streaming practice coverage what they can here on those shows. They can hear a lot of fun. We have a lot of fun on the practice shows. But we're covering all the teams we also kind of we then the story lines of the weekend whether it's on track or off track stuff you'll get some fantasy pigs usually jeff Is VERY ADAMANT ABOUT US. Getting our pigs in for the weekend. No you love to do stuff like that. Sometimes you'll get a little bit of history especially of Winston Kelly's out there working the garage or one of those practices and then we always try if we can to get driver interviews and or crew interviews sometimes even an interview with somebody from goodyear or somebody from the engine shop for our team so we always try to get some different voices outside of to add perspective to the practice shows and if nothing else you'll know where people are running without going refresh refresh your at your desk. Yes and you'll know if something went wrong because that does happen from time to time in practice. I hate to say it but I've had care center duty during practice which is usually very unfortunate kind of a downer. 'cause you're talking to somebody after something bad has it wasn't even in a race which. I guess it's probably. That's a better better time to have something go wrong. Then during a risk for sure you've been out there quite a bit southern California California in general because of all the other things you do with with motorcycles and NASCAR and Indycar. What are some of the things that are in that specific that you would have on your must see list must do list? Oh goodness actually took a trip earlier in the year with my mom to Santa Monica. So it's not that far from where we are out at the racetrack and supervision or what was going on. He turns sixty hour so we took like an art trip together. to celebrate her sixtieth birthday but Santa Monica was so laid back compared to every other part of southern California like Los Angeles and Lax. And that whole can be a little Santa. Monica was laid back and peaceful and anything. There is fine. We went to Venice beach and walk. The beach watched some of these skateboarders. Because they've got skateboard parks so that was kind of a refreshing getaway. So if you have the opportunity if you're out there for the auto club race in you're willing to drive a little bit. It's not too far just to kind of catch your breath Santa. Monica was wonderful out of the way from every all the hustle and bustle sure A lot of folks are familiar with glass case emotion. It's been a huge hit. You and and Ryan Blaney among others on the show. What can we expect this season? I hear that you're going to have some. Some new guest hosts along the way. Yup We're back this season actually leaving the studio right after I finished with you to record the first episode. And it'll be a lot of the same we might see some other faces cycle in in the Third host position see but Ryan will be back He's out West right now so Not going to give away. Who might be on the show this week? You'll have to stay tuned but yes last cases back which the fans have been clamoring. I wearing I love you. I love to support but it's nice to finally be in studio to record it into put something out there so they can get what they want now for folks who aren't familiar with and haven't seen it yet. You should be watching if you haven't but it's not you get Ryan on and go now on lap one eighty two. What happened there? That's not how this goes. It's actually very much the opposite. We do talk some racing and if there's something specific that happened on track whether it was an incident or maybe Ryan victory we do talk about that or situational stuff where it's like man. We can't ignore this but it more comes naturally we're not gonNA just force a storyline. That comes from the racetrack just to talk racing. A lot of it's more about like pop culture lifestyle news of the weird. What's happening in our lives? Weird is really cool. You gotta get into that yes. Everybody needs more weird. Weird is good it certainly is now in addition to that as we mentioned you're doing some indycar stuff still. I'm assuming and are you doing the motorcycle stuff again this year. What's what's your schedule looking doing. The indycar off the grid show again this year. It might have a little bit different. Look that's all day so you're just you're just for that. You're just hinting mightily. Lots of hints. So I'm very excited for that. No flat track motorcycle coverage on the docket right now but that doesn't mean I'm not going to be watching. Because a man they they are so much fun to watch the flat track riders. Yeah Yeah I know that when you first started you said. I haven't done anything like this before you came back going. Wow Yeah I mean bar banging their the some of the toughest motorsports athletes out there and it's just so fun to watch them so I still very much keep along with the story lines that are happening in that. Motorsport and I'm starting to wonder if you ever sleep or eat with all filling your schedule but locally in the Charlotte area you're on WCBS in the Mornings. That seemed like it started off a little here a little there but now they they probably have a room for you. There was like a little appetizer. A little snack of me here and there but when I can when I'm not traveling for Nascar or anything else I co host. The eight o'clock hour which is a fun kind of topical our and then I very much fill in for the news reader. Who has to wake up very early and read the news from four thirty to nine? But that's not like permanent. That's just like billing in here. Sleeper. What are we talking about? Somebody's on vacation or tranquilizer darts with your So yeah not recently but it keeps me on my toes and traveling for you know a Marin or any of the other things I'd do it kind of keeps me fresh and gives me a purpose. He's my schedule busy. Busy an understatement. For sure let's circle back now before we wrap up to auto club speedway a worn out. Surface there a lot of speed at that track. It's going to be a little bit of a different animal than what we saw Las Vegas and certainly Daytona as we move further into the season. What things are you going to be keeping an eye on over the next few races and specifically this weekend? I'm really excited about auto club like you said it's one of the older resurfaces we go to it's a two mile track so it's different than both. Daytona in Las Vegas. I hope we see some of what we saw in Las Vegas. Though because man I was surprised isn't the right word but just so excited about how good the racing was in Las Vegas. The restarts crazy we saw you know greenland passing. We saw racing and so I hope we see some of that this weekend to at auto club and I'm just looking to see if Joe Gibbs is going to position themselves kind of out of a little bit of a whole I feel like they're in these on Vegas now obviously Denny Hamlin went out and won the Daytona five hundred but I think you have to separate daytona apples and oranges tone. Then the season starts in terms of getting to really look at a thermometer of how teams are going and Vegas there were. No Toyota's Toyotas period not just jobs in the top ten which we haven't seen that in a very very long time so just seeing if they kind of rebound Greenwich trucks did have a Good Vegas. Ron had that incident but kind of see how they rebound because cobb Bush won the article embrace last year. Kind of seeing where they shuffle out and then I wanna see some good stuff from Jimmy Johnson this weekend. I think he's right there knocking on the door. I think he is. I think he and cliff are gelling not that. They weren't gelling before but they finally got into a rhythm. We saw great speed from them in both the Daytona five hundred and then in Las Vegas top. I'm finished and then you look at Jimmy. He's a six time winner at Auto Club speedway and Man. If he could just game if he could just have a walk off at auto club it would be so cool and I think Shannon the girls are doing the commander so there seems like there's going to be a lot of good synergy there so I'm very much looking forward to auto club to see if what we saw at Vegas in terms of people that were up front and people that have been fast if that trend for all those different storylines continues going to be a lot of fun to watch We got a schedule coming up this weekend. On Motor Racing Network at Auto Club speedway Friday afternoon practice starts at four o'clock eastern time. Kim will be on that first. Practice session also Friday and other practice session on the Cup side at five thirty eastern Saturday Cup series qualifying. Also Saturday three thirty eastern time. The xfinity raise the production alliance group. Three hundred CAM will be on pit road for that one on Sunday. The auto club four hundred two thirty eastern time Kim again on pit road for that. I'll be hosting the NASCAR live pre race.

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