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We get the, knock on the. Door So people would just be imagine up that's just my cousin It's just like a? Little did. They know David, Baker is such a mountainous man oh yeah, he's a, big. Truly as big as like Jonathan Ogden. Huge his son Sam Played ball at USC, and. Was draft in the NFL think he plays for the falcons, still so he is just a mountainous man little, did they know that his, knock is like a Stanton homerun you could tell the? Sound when. It hits the, door little did they know, that his nobody's, knocking David, Baker Because they also tell him to not for for the, the camera that's going to shoot it that's funny A surprise Nobody's going to knock on the. Door. Now okay I me too is that even yeah we're TJ shown a shot of Cecilia no standing on an. Apple box that might be the famed NFL network Adam Schefter apple box that, he used to interviewing David Baker, the other night. And he's still not as tall eight inches. Shorter Yeah for Andrew but that's just also goes to show you to that. Even Railleuse nervous about the knock on the door Marshall Faulk yes sure fire, I Don hall of famers that, could possibly be You know his friends and family. Of, folks through, a at scheduled a party for the day of the announcement and he was so nervous that that party. Was going. To, be. Held. And for whatever reason it wasn't going to happen And again it's an. Arbitrary, process it, is an, arbitrary process that you cannot figure out I mean is Harry Carson back here he usually does maybe, I can look them up on this list that great handy dandy list. Here Harry Carson is back here again Harry Carson Went thirteen years he was. Nominated thirteen, times it he didn't. Get the call from the hall so many times that. If you, recall key told the selectors? Take me off. The ballot don't include me anymore I don't want to be included anymore I don't. Want to even go through this. Any more Take me off. The don't consider me he told them. Which is I guess one step one would think above Don't. Give select my. Coming right just don't. Include me is, what he, said this electors didn't hear that from him They still kept selecting him and not. Select the kept him nominating him yeah To the year when he was selected in two thousand and six and incredible class with Aikman and incredible class with the John, Madden that Irv didn't make first ballot because of whatever reason he wasn't selected maybe the off the field stuff that don't lose that intensity stuff and it killed Michael Irvin that he. Could not go in with Aikman and had an opportunity that was denied him but he got in the next year and you heard how he speaks about how it means to be in the hall of. Fame the year that Harry Carson finally did get that call. From Joe Horrigan it went. To voicemail because he went to Hawaii that,.

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