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Sellers back with at halftime, Piedmont, seven weather for three. We'll take a look at scores around the state starting class five aid some eye openers tonight glass five a number two. Ardmore, shutting out Durant twenty eight to nothing. Second quarter, six eight two Choctaw. There's all over lot nyc. That's a team that'll be in here. To Piedmont later this year. Choctaw leads lot nine twenty two nothing. Still four minutes to go in the second quarter noble next week's opponent for the Wildcats of Piedmont leads ADA, seven to nothing that gave him the second quarter Dunkin routing Elgin little bit of a mismatch there. Five nothing at halftime, elk city on top of Woodward eighteen to thirteen in the second quarter. Here's a little bit of a surprise polka city shutting out Guthrie seven to nothing at halftime Lawton MacArthur leads lot in high twenty to twelve at the half and Taloqan Kalina's twenty seventeen at halftime Altus stepped across the border and what put up on Vernon Texas twenty eight to nothing at the half. And those are the local five eight schools a couple more to give you a little bit of a surprise here. In a second Tulsa, Bishop Kelly. In the battle of the bishops it's Tulsa Kelly over McGuinness fourteen to seven at the half. And Dell city they put it on mcginnis last week forty seven to seven tonight, they lead top ranked Carl Albert twelve to seven with a minute to go before halftime. So it looks like Mike Don in del city is for real this year. So that's a look at some of the important class five a action. And we'll take a look at six a one. There's some big games tonight and broken arrow in the biggest game leads wassot twenty two seven in the second quarter broken arrow stacking up to be the top team in the biggest class in the state. Jinx leads union twenty two seven at the half a deer creek on top of Norman seven to six at halftime, south Warren, west more are tied at fourteen at the half, Edmond Santa Fe, all over Mustang tonight. Twenty three to seven and Yukon defense we've been talking about the Yukon defense. Hadn't given an offensive touchdown this year. Well, it is happening tonight. But Yukon is still in front uconn leads more twenty eight twenty one in the second quarter last night, Stillwater devil up Norman, north forty four. Twenty one Edmond memorial beat Edmond north by a score of ten to seven and taking a look at class six eighty two couple of games that we haven't talked about Putnam city north is another team on the rise. They shut up Putnam city last week at halftime tonight. It is putting them sitting north thirty seven Putnam west nothing. Also tonight big battle in six eight to midwest city leads Muskogee. Sixteen to fourteen at halftime. And no score in on John Marshall and Capitol Hill. Just yet a sand springs beat Putnam city last night forty five to twenty four. So both teams are back out for the second half of action. It is time to remind you that the second half. Kickoff is presented by Joe Cooper, Ford a Garth Brooks. And tenth look over the selection of new and pre-owned vehicles with a full service department at Joe Cooper Ford. Piedmont. We'll have the football to start the second half. They won the opening toss and deferred their option. So with that seven three lead the Wildcats will go on offense. I tonight..

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