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Now necessarily back man now saying back baby this. This young man's well i'm letting them do they. Thank you know what i'm saying. Do day and we gotta take boorda was to the next level mma working in the back end trying to make great. Hopefully there's a day that i can grace ring again. I do miss it. I gotta get back into the gym. Just period man. But i've been working as you can say. I guess you can see i've been working on the show man. The brand has grown so much. you know. we're doing commentating now. It's not easy But also don't want it j- uh-huh milwaukee who this scenario number. What's going on. Milwaukee who's in the building he know what up baby going on chino. The number two heavyweight into division right. yes he is. What's going on man just calling to check your man. He was going on I'll like fight getting looked over his on. I'm calling to see what's up with the footage and hype it up a little bit young man. We gotta get a hold of long and and get a little bit more footage beneath the one. I had submitted. barnes's yet you're both submitted bag work. It's on it's on the facebook group chat. He put about four clips up of of different bag work. And i know you put your spa in the basement and a few other things but on the poll. Though did you notice that we got polls on the fights now. I i've seen it but in i didn't see it though so i haven't looked at it yet. Okay yeah they got you as a favourite man. You're fifty nine percent favorite but eight percent. Believe it's a draw and Obviously thirty three percent believe that one. We'll get the win. Yeah we'll see. I mean that's another thing i mean. Has it ever been done me. 'cause do he's alway me by one hundred pounds as anybody ever even thought that size difference before Yeah man i mean i for but someone that not not one hundred pounds but if you i mean now is the time to pull out so we could find you a different fighter. You want no. I'm good i'm good. I'm good with it. I'm just saying real well. I guess rallying he's he's got two thirty in the duties fighting a six five to seventy a. Yeah i mean. I was the only one that was going to do it when i was gonna fight smoke amount. And then he pulled out forty eight hours before the fight you know. He had an emergency so he was going out. Way me by not even hundred either of those going to be more like seventy. If if he would've came in at three hundred it would have been like seventy. Yeah so we'll see we'll see how it goes so i'm definitely working with the bigger guys tom. You saying too hot to twenty. He said he was weighing three. Twenty thirty six twenty. But i'm struggling to keep. I'm here three. He said three twenty. I believe but was struggling to keep this. Keep this weight on what. I'm trying to keep it around to twenty. So even though i got back from occasion put on a few pounds over there. But now you've got fifty two days man if you need to mix it up and you wanna you wanna smaller heavyweight you know now is the time definitely to to say i'm good with it. I'm gonna there man. I think you honestly you can't give them the fight you gave tank man you you gotta do your work and get out. He was letting taint get off. You gotta you gotta be the boxer punching combine the neons already. This guy obviously doesn't have the experience that you have you know is he getting sparring a lot of these do they. Don't i don't. I don't recommend it in totally tell people. Don't come into a lot of these people you know. He hasn't submitted via and based off the way based on the way he bag. I know he ain't got no spine because you know. No trainer has corrected. Look a little green green. So that's i'm spanish. Because he green you see punches. He lifted up his front lay. He got some work to do and fifty two days. I hope he doesn't have not. I think you should be able to stop them. Like the truth is just the truth. he got size. Like that's why. I'll know why everybody like size. Don't really mean should is gonna mean son in the clinch. But that's why you gotta be working to not clinch not. Let him clinch. Yo you know hit him with combinations and move and have him reset. You know big news like that need that they feed planning to throw punches anyway and again until he shows new footage his technique is not. Did you might even experience. Some hammerfest there and i thought about it broke out what i thought about taking the fight I was like both tank was very strong. I'm like he can't he can't hit much harder than tank. You know what i'm saying. I mean once you get up to a certain power bro. You know what i mean. I mean thank you hard. He couldn't. he can't be much stronger than him. That's well looked at it. What i what. I what i think that you got going for you is. I don't think anybody's going to have that determination. A tank do with three punts combination. He was still coming forward his hands down and then wing and big shots at like that. Margarito mentality. i don't think anyone else's going to bring it in the division. I know brand. Were you know he allegedly say you know he's gonna be like that but you know that's yet to be seen all all newbies need to show that they can actually fight more than they can talk. Yeah that's easier said than daunting. And he was in shape. I was banking him getting tired and gas and on the third. And that's what i plan on turning opening. It actually kind of turned the other way you know. I was tired of the motherfucker in the third wrong. So respect respect tank man in third. It was a lot of clinton for humor. Yeah yeah. I was definitely tired. But i was still letting off. I still through a lot of punches. No yeah that's what you bring his high activity man. That's that that when when i'm taking these fights brow we lose. I just wanted to have a fight man. I wanna. I wanna be exciting. You know what i'm saying. That's important to me but more important to meet and keeping keeping no year but don't be exciting at the at at the expense of clinton with this big. A man is being exciting at the expense of given the crowd war. Like you didn't have to be for that for that for that tank. You could've hit them and move but she was used he was being. It'd be here. But yeah. I'm excited for i was calling in talk some You know friendly competitive talk asking. Where's footage jet. So we get the ship hopping. I was I've been working..

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