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I don't want. I don't want to privatize any kind of. Of social safety net. And it shouldn't be and I'm sure they're conservatives who are thinking of that too. But I I don't know if it's an either or I don't think there's a whole bunch of you know, I don't think there's a huge American underclass just waiting for handouts. So they can no longer do anything with their lives. Of course. You know? I wasn't. I certainly not suggesting that no that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that for stuff like healthcare snowflake, you know, just kind of basic quality of life snuff that that Sean to resist in a thriving country. Right that that should be. We should be doing that mentally not just at the whim of Bill that also. But I also would appreciate if the billions billionaire spent more one either because all the money in the world couldn't stop Steve Jobs, Dan of cancer. But some Parigi intensive cancer research probably could've. Oh, yeah. So I totally agree. It doesn't have to be an either or and I don't want Bill Gates to close his foundation. God. No. I think. That's great. I just don't want that to be the only I don't wanna world predicated on the hopeful generosity of billionaires. Right because it can take generosity. And then we're we right. That's why I saw idea of little erasing you go from a little better the radical until there is none is ludicrous home anymore. Former presidents should have diseases that the research funding for. Yeah. Right. Right. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Until it stops. All right. Let's take a look at the second quit. All right. This is Damien echoes the author of high magic. And it's why I wear my life on my body basically about tattoos. Tattoos for me. One of the reason I started to get them is because when I was in prison when you go to prison, they they completely strip you of an identity. You don't even have a name anymore. You're giving a number. My number was S K nine three one. That means I was the nine hundred and thirty first person sentenced to death in Arkansas to the state of Arkansas, I was not Damien Echols. I was inmate s k nine three one. They take your clothes. They take your name. There were even times when I was shackled to a chair and had my head shaved against my will just to make you look like every other prison prisoner in the prison. You know, there's they don't want any form of identity any form of humanity. So I learned that pretty much everything can be stripped away from you, accept your skin. That was why started tattooing things that were meaningful to me bonds. I shared with other people, you know, f- friends anyone from Johnny Depp. And peter. Jackson. We got tattooed together to just people that were friends of mine in the tattoo shop, you know. It's like if you have a photograph you can lose that photograph it can be torn up. It can be you know, disintegrate through time. But whenever you carry something on your body. It's almost like you have a suit of armor made out of the things that are meaningful to you. So a lot of the things I have on me were not only things that I shared with friends like Representative of bonds that I had with other people. But I started to also use talisman Cigielski. What tells me are we were talking about thought forms while ago? Well, some things are really hard to visualize. If you want to put energy in manifesting, something say, for example, happiness, so you don't know what will make you happy. You just know that you're not happy at this particular time in your life. You're not happy with your job. But you don't know one job would make you happy. You're not happy in your relationship. And you don't know exactly what sort of relationship you want to be in. That would bring happiness you can use a talisman or a single too. To take a concept like happiness and break it down into a symbolic form that will bypass the conscious mind and can be fired directly into the subconscious. Because it just looks like a squiggly line for the most part..

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