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How did you prepare for that individually and together? The Spurs time I read that that scene especially where they're in the dressing room and lexi Talking Pearl. I, don't see it really. It's not a friendship. It's Lexi's manipulating parole, and especially when she takes the when she thinks advantage of Pearl with the story, and even with abortion I feel like it's honestly at the end of the day I. Feel like it's kind of racism, but Jadon I on set. You're like so cool. It was super weird to like act out those scenes because like we know. But jade absolutely killed it but I don't I don't necessarily I. Don't necessarily know that has if it's a friendship I think it's more just like a one-sided manipulation of Lexi seeing Pearl upon so she can get what she wants at the end of the day I can. Agree with you Alexi and and it's it's definitely an interesting thing when you have a lot of love and admiration for the other actor to to suddenly turn on and and play something that's so divided. You know what I mean. I think that approaching a character that is so morally grey. It's such an age old saying amongst actors to never judge the character your character right otherwise you're not able to actually play it authentically, because no one really believes themselves that they're wrong, inherently you know. And that was hard for me to look at because you look at the page and you're like Oh my God. This is so heartbreaking and she's just notifying the other. Individual! Aware of it or not, she is, and and so for me. It took a lot of like okay. I need to understand how she got to. A point of of completely lost empathy. This next question is for Gavin Jordan. Going off of some changes made from the book I think that both of your characters are portraying very specific kind of masculinity. That has maybe let's say toxic. So are these traits that you had recognized previously whether it be in your friends, family yourself, and then, and what does the experience like kind of acting that out and being the all? I mean it's just a lot of observing like I played a brother. I'm an only child so it's a lot of of just watching. It was a toxic person that I. think he believed Pearl owed him for He sort of gave her what he felt was enough to deserve relationship, and preparing for that was just a lot of watching like there's a lot of that in society. They still there shouldn't be with. There is I would agree with that I think and I. Think what's what's cool about it, too. Is that was like you said two totally different kinds of toxic masculinity in it starts out as the Moody is. Is Sort of the good kid with a good heart, and then it sort of flips as you get further on, and it's like Oh, well, maybe trip actually is a good guy and then moody search, the sort of become like more frowned upon, but you feel bad for him at the same time. Both of them are the wrong in a lot of ways and I think that trip starts to sort of. figure out that there's more to him than the label that's been placed on him, which is sort of dislike? Player gets all the girls, but like breaks their hearts, and doesn't really care about their feelings does desire these personal relationships with with girls, sort of treats women as if they are objects, which obviously you see loads of today ads perpetuated in our culture, and it's it's really. Really ingrained in our culture, unfortunately and you sort of alluded to it being an only child, all of a sudden having three TV siblings building out I, think for the Richardson's and the.

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