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He had been suspended since the beginning of August. Mike Weber says it was good to have been back. If a good like, you never looked really. Hey, forward nothing. Stuff up is kosher necessarily did Meyer is still suspended for the next two games. OSU at thirty five point favorite against the scarlet knights scarlet and grey up to fourth in this week's AP poll, Alabama, Clemson and Georgia stay in the top three spots. Wisconsin flips the fifth Michigan falls to twenty one after their loss to Notre Dame in golf Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson and Bryson d Shambo or on the US Ryder Cup team US, captain, Jim furic filled. Three of the four at large spots yesterday. Twenty eighteen Ryder Cup takes place in France. At the end of this month in baseball, the Indian slammed the royals nine to three in Cleveland designated hitter, yadi as to RBI, including his first home run in seventy games with the Indians skipper Terry Francona says it's been a long time coming for Yandi. He has one he's gonna grow into that. But when he barrels a balls and like you say spraying them over the field. That's good enough. He's a strong kid with maturity play the game. He'll learn how to do that. But in the meantime, it's fun to watch him Indians and royals go again today at one ten you. Can hear that game over on sports radio one zero five seven the zone and the NFL regular season kicks off tomorrow night in Philadelphia Super Bowl MVP Nick foles will start for the eagles as they take on the falcons at eight twenty from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric researcher, NewsRadio six ten WTVN. There are those who will point to a new wave as we get closer and closer to midterms and upset in Massachusetts. Among the example, cited seventh district democrat primary challenger, a Yana Presley defeated ten term Representative Mike kept one. Oh cap wanna became the fourth incumbent member of the house to lose a primary race this year seems to show further evidence that there's an increasing power the progressive wing of the democrat party and of minority candidates as we roll into the election cycle. So we're keeping you up to date on that morning. Traffic and weather updates in a minute. So we've got an overturned vehicle on three fifteen north right near east north Broadway. Johnny hill with more on that a quick minutes. Let's get you to the newsroom Ken Stevens. And you've got an on cabinet confirmation. Right. Yeah. Cavenaugh? Is going to be grilled in the US Senate today, Joel let's get more with Mark Mayfield. My judicial philosophy is straightforward. A judge must be independent and must interpret the law not make the law. Speaking on the first day of his Senate confirmation hearing yesterday, the veteran federal judge said his mother taught him they important of equal Justice for all Americans cavenaugh noted that judges must be neutral umpires President Trump nominated Cavanaugh to replace retiring. Justice Anthony Kennedy judge camel once served as one of Kennedy's lawn. Clerks said Justice Kennedy established a legacy of liberty during his long tenure on the supreme court cavenaugh insisted that the high court must never be viewed as a partisan institution arc Mayfield NBC News Radio and hoping today's a little quieter than yesterday day. One got off to a rough start when capitol police had to remove more than sixty people from the committee room for disorderly conduct and police at Ohio University are beefing up patrols Joel that following a crime alert issued earlier this week more on that story and more stories. Coming up at eight o'clock. We'll this for you. Thanks right now. Seven fifty here's traffic.

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