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Francis. Four people including the gunman are dead after a domestic dispute during deadly in Chicago's south side, Monday. They'll Michaels reports police say argument outside of Chicago hospital turned deadly what a man pulled out a gun and killed an emergency room. Doctor with whom he was having a domestic relationship. He then ran into the hospital that shot a pharmacy resident and a police officer Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson, those officers that responded today. Saved a lot lives because this guy was just shooting that poor woman that got get got off an elevator and nothing to do nothing and he shot the attacker also died Monday, but it was not clear if he took his own life or was killed by police. I'm Bill Mike central judge has temporarily banned the Trump administration from refusing asylum to immigrants across the southern border undocumented legal groups sued hours, after President Trump's proclamation was issued arguing law clearly allow someone to seek asylum, regardless of how they enter the country. All children have been diagnosed with a paralyzing polio like illness. Jen Johnson reports at the centers for disease control, say FM acute flaccid myositis has now been confirmed in one hundred six cases spanning twenty nine states this year. That's an increase of sixteen cases since last week. There are also one hundred sixty seven possible cases, the CDC's confirmed four hundred thirty cases of the rare disease in all in the past five years. Ninety percent of the patients have been children. There is no cure. No vaccine and no known cause Jan Johnson Washington. The death toll in northern California's wildfires now at seventy nine two more sets of remains were found Monday. Meanwhile, the sheriff in Butte county says seven hundred residents.

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