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Center. I'm Rusty Mellberg and embattled woman tells the police officers on suspension as calls for his firing remain by this motion officer. MENSA is a Ministry of Police suspended. Wauwatosa Police and Fire Commission is in unanimous agreement to suspend Officer Joseph MENSA who's been involved in three deadly shootings in the last five years. A family of one of the men killed J. Anderson filing a complaint against MENSA family attorney Kimberly Motley shown in complete and utter disregard for licenses. Defense attorney John Somali argues mentor isn't getting a fair shake After calls for his firing from the Common Council. Public Pronounce has certainly taken the ability of this board to act in an impartial adjudicatory fat Tony Braddock, Emily T. M. J News and Independent investigator will review the complaint filed against MENSA. A family of the 24 year old who drowned in the Milwaukee River Sunday, is remembering a son, brother and father. The Milwaukee County Medical examiner's office says 24 year old Avery Meeks junior fell into the river when he was holding a stick underneath the humbled Avenue bridge. His father, Avery, make senior tells team J for news. They assisted with the search over the next 48 hours. Until the body was found Tuesday. At different times, there would be 34 boats in the water two or three kayaks in the water. For Meeks, senior losing his son also means losing a chance to have them continue in the family business of being a barber, who grew up In the salon. I had a cheer waiting for him. So locket tutor him Mix Jr leaves behind a four year old daughter, The city of Milwaukee begins its mask mandate Today is more major retailers announced their own policies. Coals will require all customers where face covering starting Monday, while pick and saves and metro markets will require mass starting Wednesday. Incoming Marquette University student Ellen Angela tells team J. 40 years he supports wearing a mask. That's a sacrifice that maybe some of us have to make for sure. Elaine Roberts, who tested positive for covert 19 she would like to see a nationwide policy. We are going to be our ones straight schedule. One strict set of die alive, so we'd know was on Ly businesses face fines for not following Milwaukee's mask mandate Vice President Mike Pence, will make his second stop in as many months to the Badger State Tomorrow. Pence is scheduled to speak at ripping college director of Creative and Social Media Rick Dom tells w. T. M. J. It will be a private event. Expect people will show up in hopes of getting a glimpse of vice president but access to the location where he will be speaking will be a limited pence will also participate in a roundtable discussion in Onalaska afterwards. It won't just be pictures of the Brewers. Human fans filling spots A Miller Park this season, the team announcing they are accepting pictures of pets that will make up the pets in the park cut out section, which will cost $50 with proceeds going to the Brewers Community Foundation and the Wisconsin Humane Society of the Five day forecast the rain showers coming to an end overnight tonight after 123 the rain fell across most of the area, you wake up Thursday..

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