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Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball. An unexpected event happens that totally changes your outlook on life. It could be the death of a loved one. A natural disaster. A big break in your career today story is about one of those moments amplified to the max. Something's worth shatteringly. Strange happens to two men in pascagoula mississippi that not only changes their outlook. It completely ruined the rest of their lives. It's october eleventh. Nineteen seventy three in forty. Two year old. Charlie hickson in nineteen year old calvin parker or fishing on the pascagoula river despite the age difference or super close family friends. Charlie's always been kind of a father figure to calvin and today they're celebrating. Calvin recently got engaged and to help pay for the wedding. He started to work as a welder. The shipyard were charlie's a- format by nine pm. The sun has set in. They're about ready to pack up but before they go home they try out one last fishing spot appear by the old shopping or shipyard and that's when things get weird as charlie reaches into his tackle box for a piece of bait. Here's this zipping. Sound coming from behind him. It's loud enough. That he and calvin both turn around and they see this vehicle in the distance. That has these blue flashing lights at first. Calvin some cops are poking around his car. But the lights start to get closer and calvin realizes it can't be the police. He's never seen any squad car. That's the size of a yacht and floats in mid air. Yeah whatever this vehicle is is now about seventy feet away hovering two feet off the ground. And it's huge about thirty feet long charlie. In calvin stare at this thing in total confusion. They have absolutely no idea what to do or what to make of it and before they can formulate a plan a super bright light shoots out of the. I guess you'd call it a ship. The lights coming from a door on the side of the ship which is opening and something is coming out of it

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