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Of welt w e l l and it just ask them about h two s how would you how would you treat that ask for kirk kirk smith kirk is their water quality expert in i noted for for certain that he knows how to treat h two s gas kazys treated it for me okay okay great thank you very much there you go laura thanks for the call we should it eight five two well our number two three 993 93 up next we have john joining us on the program agent john hey good morning shake combat on the gal who was talking about the daylight saving time ally the thing is back in the 40s 50s the state was on daylight saving time or eastern ties and then we change to sectoral time but the state was all broken up uh this county was one thing that county was another if you went to elkhart southend if you cost the street you in two different time zones mitch daniels put us back on daylight saving but the legislature accepted the counties around chicago and down adapted phil because their their proximity to the central time zones so the bulk of the state of indiana by far over eighty counties are on central top excuse me are daylight back on daylight savings time but this that's all by virtue of the state legislature this that was done well there you go okay there you go that's a parrot as a little boy i had to go to bed at eight o'clock of it was daylight out your mom sort of guy you some blinds yeah thanks for all you have a great show live love listening i appreciate that thank you very much appreciate.

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