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You drive to four to six alcohol boulevard and mentioned that you heard their ad here on the alarm show, and they will give you your smog. Check for thirty eight dollars. That's right. Thirty eight dollars. You'll be two thousand fourteen or on your give them a call six one nine two. Nine nine six nine six six GP auto repair mentioned you add here on the show for thirty eight dollars special. Ninety six point one North Carolina and AM eleven seventy seven. The answer. Mountainsides crystal on his need, the rain. Criticism of life. V. Mountains playing. This bringing through the rain. A search deal since far why it's true. Through every cloud. Blue. The. A me. List? Oh. Key. Maybe. The sound. Guy. Thanks. Sloping hills and mountainsides that. Ocean's pounding Nana Sandie Shaw scattered away across the ocean. Do. Sloping hills and mountainsides need. Sandie shaw. Way across the ocean. Meinhardt? Aw. Is. Thank you. Steals. It's true. Every now got the blue. So peaceful. The. Hey. A. Cotton. Don't buy. Call. Title. Come on. Bye. Bye. Mike. Yeah. Not. On. Yeah. Mike. Aw. Sonny. Sonny. Around me up. Scientists gone. Sonny. That's out. Stay. Sonny. Sonny. Around me. Even save. Sinus gona name. Sinus to be. Gona? Little dry out.

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