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That maintenance public and what it was this. This, the drummer that did all of that nonsense, which I thought was very unprofessional. And and if you need to go out there with the lawyer to to spew always things. I mean, look, you can't can. You can convince some of the people some of the time, you know. Number work after a while. But as far as Warren, no Warren's, excuse me, go longer in the group. His toys, not ours, you know, companies want corporations another, but even the ban that's a whole nother world. You know, talking to different things, whatever's made public, like I made it up to the individual, but it did, you know, prominent. You know, kind of disturbed the integrity to say the least. Yeah, because I mean, I can't think of a ban where there's ever been that much of like actually like legal documents posted in people seeing. 'cause you. Think about Fleetwood MAC. I think. Just plenty of others, van bands that have had it way worse than than it's not even worse. It's just what you go through the interrupting if long. And fortunately not unfortunately that we still have a great audience, you know, right. And we're gonna get to that. I want to talk about what happened on the weekend in the current lineup of the band, but the last, let's get past the last thing on this. The last thing on this, what I meant about the legal stuff is that there's a lot of fans out there that they think bands are just these a bunch of buddies that get together. Of course, it's a business, of course, that's an important part of it, and you've got to have your business buttoned up a lot of rack business went public because of what's happened in the past. So I guess my my question to you is where warrant sits warrants still legally a member of the band, or is he completely out out? No, no. He's out. Yeah, his choice, yeah. Okay. We'll be right back with more of a Stephen peercy on this week's trunk podcast. Bod- gassed..

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