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Spoken by Jesus for you and me, and I didn't face you. Join us at concordia as we discover together the life God wants for us. Hey, it's charity. Mccurdy talk about a winning combination. You can save thousands on your healthcare costs and get easy access to your medical information. It all begins with all true, hell share and the ultra healthshare mobile app. Get access to your health records medical needs contributions and more if you live a clean and healthy lifestyle. Ditch traditional healthcare and start saving thousands with all true healthshare. They are still open for two thousand nine hundred enrollment. So it's not too late. Get your quote. Today. Find out more online at HSS dot family. Maybe you know, us for helping to bring the final four to town. What you may not know is that San Antonio sports is actually a nonprofit is changing our community every day. I play after school program. Playing sports has proven to help kids. Stay out of trouble and gives them life skills for a successful future. I play after school starts kids on a healthy path by keeping them active and eating the right foods. I'm Bruce born. And I'm proud to support. I play after school donate today. Go to San Antonio, sports dot org and help our kids experienced the life changing power of sports. I new car has a lifetime warranty. I have left him roll tight assistance to is a place at least the twenty nine hundred and Kia. Optima LX for only one ninety nine a month. Lease a twenty thousand nine hundred Trento LX for two twenty nine a month. I love the friendly personnel service. I found the car that feed my budget. Warranty really made a difference shop online or visit any work or Kia store. His San Antonio lifetime warranty ISA longtime car for light offers with credit call eight six six six seven two two seven to one for details. How will you away? I he's an iheartradio station. Because it's the best of.

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