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And now move the sticks ten takeaways from week sixteen with daniel jeremiah bucky brooks and read. Louis what's up everybody. Welcome to move the sticks. Jay buckey redback with you here for the take away episode fellows. What's going on so good. Menace such crazy. So somber buck. Where's the excitement none for one. I didn't. I wasn't even anticipating coming to me i but i just think it's just such a crazy time like i'm seeing these teams. Just completely fall out of contention having games on the control and so i'm still kind of blown away from west on over the course of the weekend. Well i mean like this is why we call it the wild card right because it is going to be wild in week seventeen. We've got five wild card spots. When you combine both conferences that'll be up for grabs three teams that are currently in the wild part of the afc. All of the same records is a ton of different variations teams and seedings in a team. We thought was probably firmly in the culture now on the outside looking in. It's the there's to be some fun here. We seventeen as a result of what we saw here on. That's a crazy weekend as we're just getting ready to start here. We got some more interesting news here and that is the washington. Football team is cut. Dwayne haskins the they have moved on taylor heineke. who was the covert emergency quarterback..

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