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Like i don't want to chase down misbehaving kids for the ncaa you know what i mean yes it if i'm simmons okay like i'm and if it's a celtics and danny ainge i'm sitting on that news until after the free agency period it till the ink is dry on these contracts okay i'm holding back the news and i am absolutely doing is going after the sixers 'cause that's the team that the celtics kapiti using him just saying if you were i'm not accusing him of that just so we're clear on this university of miami stuff what are you laughing about it will follow you for ever no matter how much you you push against it you're the guy that brought down the university of miami regretted i mean the regret regret the story i wasn't involved in only have yourself to blame i mean all right you know what now when i'm gonna make you guys do because every time we have this damn conversation you guys perpetuate this bull bleep every damn time by just telling people again again that i did do and it doesn't matter how many times i deny it i want you to get you tell me what story is better gary go find the stories that i wrote that made sports illustrated right that cover story and see how much better i want credit for don't blame that pell grant thing i had the better story it was more dame interesting the one i had 'cause the football players were my dorm room playing techmo bowl with me when they weren't winning championships and punching the pizza got so you weren't satisfied with how bear the university miami got you wanted them to get more punished i did not get the university of miami and trouble that ended up with them penalized i got the university of miami and trouble that looked really bad there was a wrapper on the sidelines putting bounties on notre dame players and the money was being held by the team.

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