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Football, Bengals, Candice Owens discussed on #GetSome with Gary Owen


I just think if ti killer Mike and Kenzo could all three sit down at a table with no audience then I think they could really open up lines of communication and you know. I don't know come together on something like I said they're all smarter than me but I don't know if it could happen what trump's in office just because Ti so anti trump and candice Owens's so pro-trump so on this the most politics I've talked. I've talked and the two years I've had this podcast and by the way this is episode one hundred on my podcast so so I just want to thank everybody. That's I've seen it grown. I've seen the numbers and yeah I just WanNa say you're right for for our tune in listening and watching and I know sometimes I can I go from one subject to another in doesn't make any sense and sometimes women's football too much during football all season and I can't apologize for that because everything's better in the world football is being played. I don't care what you know right now. The bingles are losing so the food don't tastes good and the sun don't shine as bright but when they do win everything else just seems better in life when the Bingos win and went the bengals not went in the high school is so now Friday nights. I'm if I'm not at a game which don't make a lot. I'm I'm on twitter. I'm texting the principal. WHO's at the game. y'All how we we do in how we looking so yeah so I apologize if I talked too much football during football season but more than their sport support I'm passionate about. I love basketball boxing mixed martial arts. I like Baseba- but ain't nothing like football and especially. NFL football some were college football fans. I am I'm COSMO Fan but I'm all about NFL football so yeah so again this weekend Chicago at Schaumburg Improv Rav and then next weekend. I'm in Montgomery Alabama at Performing Arts Center and like I said if you ever wanted my schedule just go to GEICO DOT COM all my tour dates are on there and social media. It's all at Gary on comedy so this is one hour episodes. Thank you guys and other we'll get another hundred and we'll just keep building. Alton and building and building in. I don't know what happens after that..

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