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To be settled but if it's not settled then the of the republicans would go into the legislative session with one delegate short and so what the democrats rates so there's going to be a vested interest resolve this no reason why this is captured some much national attention is it's not just one vote to decide the district it's this one vote decides control of the state house the delegates here and there are two other district that are also in the middle of recounts that's true in in one of these districts they printed the wrong ballot for a part of the district said had the wrong house a delegate candidates listed and that it's going to be a slower litigation process ultimately will that election be certified really there's not much precedent for that here said we really don't know where that's going to go regional bit of coffers assistant director of the washing center for public policy a christopher newport university she's the author of the unprecedented 2016 presidential election and she is at the center of a local political race that has become national news thanks so much for joining us thank you so much for having me you're listening to all things considered from npr news it's five eighteen it's kqed public radio and i think we are all hoping someone was able to talk that person off the overpass by now uh and not the case i wish i had better news for you in san jose they're still dealing with that person they're the southbound six he connector a remains closed at the onetoone to eighty splits all that police activity as a traffic stop that to calibers boulevard also affecting south down 101 completely staff from lawrence expressway down to 280 as go to marin north 101 before central send reffell they're dealing with a two vehicle wreck there on the.

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