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For axes on KNBR sports leader this is the pollen man podcast on the came the R. S. network I'm standing Taylor our good friend Tony Ryan he is elsewhere we had a jackass the two of us not that long ago it was critically acclaimed critical Terry gross there's a a Lou Dobbs checked in I don't know I'm just mess around Lou Dobbs lawfully group of US five starters shot on the Sunday morning noble fall yeah just screaming very simple Hey Shannon quickly on rocket man the motion picture Elton John store we double the roster I don't know I think so we've covered the giants were given real quick okay don't judge good month keep going I'm also break approaching you know holiday where you live so I don't know no baseball for want to do that it's on American yeah by the way there's no baseball but you can watch the tanks on TV that that tanks in Washington DC role right I forgot to Pennsylvania Avenue in front got about out let's show the world as you said our might everybody loves a dead tank on the fourth of July dude other like mass is have you seen our own military power Shannon rocket man I enjoyed it but I I know you loved it and you were really high on it didn't touch me or move me the way the Freddy movie did the value Rhapsody there's something about that kids performance rami that was exceptional I was blown away by that kid and the guy play don't didn't blow me away but I thought it was great I thought he did a very good job in this movie this kid the actor actually sang all the vocals did you know that no that's a big deal I did know that's impressive not the kind of over did.

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