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In Sutherland springs, Texas, Mandalay bay, fifty eight Orlando, forty-nine, San Bernardino. Charleston Aurora, sandy hook Virginia Tech. How many of those people came across our southern border. They committed those crimes. To my knowledge. None of those. None of those people illegal aliens, not to my knowledge. No. I got the impression I got confused. I thought lane is when they got in they would shrink to taco shop got a gun and started killing people. That that that happened? Not that I'm aware of what do you think is the best way to help reduce gun violence in this country. I think that HR eight is absolutely the right first step to closing this gaping loophole and background checks. I think once HR aid is passed. There's a number of steps that this congress can take to adequately address and reduce violence in America. We know for sure that states that have comprehensive regulation of guns have far lower rates have gone violence than states that have very lax gun regulations. And we can look at a wide range today. We've been talking about regulation through extremists protective orders we've been talking about age limits on guns. We're talking about very dangerous lethal weapons we're talking about proper funding of research and CDC, and I can go on my testimony includes a wide range of possible angles that this congress can consider as a way to reduce violence in this country almost all of. Which have research showing that president of impact. And you're familiar with every town for gun safety grew out of the shootings up east. They they made this their top priority. Should be passing HR eight sledged background checks on all gun sales do background checks on gun sales. Also relate to less domestic use of of domestic shootings in domestic disturbances. Yes, absolutely.

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