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With Anthony, Dave. Sure, you want him to be your teammate. Sure. Isn't that severing? LBJ also tamp Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard. Russell westbrook. Lamarcus Aldridge call. Anthony Townsend Bradley Beal to round out his roster Janas goes with Chris Middleton is box made Nicola Yokich. Ben Simmons Blake Griffin diangelo Russel Nicola vuckovich and allow around out his roster and why not on trade deadline day. There was a trade with all star game as well Simmons. Then sent a team LeBron or Westbrook K D again LBJ's first pick which comes a day after grant unleashed on the media with Iran, which targeted the warriors reporter, Ethan Strauss. Our former colleague who was on the Dan lebatardshow show with Stu gods with this take ridiculousness of this is this this thing that he's doing where the weighty apps completely metastasized is the thing that you wants to go away, which makes you wonder if you really want to go away, and you know, for as much as I know, I'm a bad person. And I'm a bad guy. And I'm the bad guy here. But this is all of his name. I mean, this is something that he is. Actively conjured out of nowhere on a team that looks like it might have the greatest starting lineup in the history of the NBA does one thirty nine to fourteen games. Look, I'm not saying that we're soft out here in the bay. But we aren't we aren't really bringing the they won a lot of games championships just badgering, then it's generally, oh, how does it feel to win? Joe pretty good. Okay. Okay. There'd be months in between somebody asking him about free agency. So it was utterly bizarre. To to take in this direction. Okay. D- in New York City as a knick and free agency. Not so fast. Is this might not be a good mix. So says Jason Fitz. Mike Golic junior earlier on Golic and wingo. Should we also acknowledged that all of this conversation is happening because of the speculation that Kevin Durant wants to go to the Knicks. And that is gonna end up in New York. Do you want sensitive Kevin Durant in New York? I mean, you think it's bad and Golden State like that's Golden State. Not only are they winning championships. That's Golden State. Like if the Knicks go on a bad slide for ten games. He's not going to be able to get a slice of pizza without somebody trashing him in that. I mean that is a tough market to play. There's a reason this happens like if it was just as simple as that in basketball and everything was cut and dry tells you stay Golden State, then it becomes over. Then your words can't be used against you the same way, Kyrie Irving tried to dispel that. When he was in in Boston. And he said I'm going to sign long-term with the Celtics. And then the story happens when all of a sudden you come out and say, I'm gonna do whatever's best for me, and I'm not beholding to some promise. I made in the past like, man, you can put a stopper in this. But you are clearly entertaining free agency enough to really I'm going to sit on this for right now..

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