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New Jersey won a one point five news time seven oh aids now New Jersey won a one point five instant weather stays relatively mild as we go through the rest of the week we'll see the potential for a few showers and maybe a couple thunderstorms around this evening overnight I think we're gonna see some clearing lows in the low to mid forty sunshine and clouds maybe a pop up shower too on Wednesday high in the fifties very seasonable Thursday high near fifty in Friday starts to warm up a little bit again some morning rain drying out with a gusty breeze for the afternoon and highs up in the sixties I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeaux Hamilton sixty five Chester sixty one min now the pins sixty six download our mobile app for breaking traffic weather and news alerts sent to your smartphone it's free from New Jersey one one point five New Jersey won a one point five our own radio station New York Elvia proud to be New Jersey the sure you cannot get the coronavirus from listening to stick around the trouble is you and me eleven o'clock tonight talk at all dangers in we got decisions coming up number is one eight hundred two eight three one one point five again so much to talk about today even settle on the website check it out in G. one one five dot com I got to victory with those stories he was on last night I've got a new album coming out how's he handling a corona virus check it out before we get to the corona conversation and believe me there will be corona conversation like a let that go by this is what happens we don't get any snow days and the median needs something to cover I don't know I do think I give trump we're in Wildwood this much attention be paid to the coronavirus and I know I know we have we do have one person dead in a very sorry about that I guess that we will get to that later but I just want to throw this out there because something happened Monday and I was debating whether or not to bring it up and only get anybody in trouble and all that so we're going to we're not going to name names we're not gonna name schools but over the weekend you know my sons.

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