Russian Defense Ministry, Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko discussed on Red Eye Radio


News now He's still not safe I'm Laura Cantor Fox News Vitali Klitschko the mayor of Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv advising residents who left the city to not return After Russian missile attacks Saturday Russian forces once again fired on the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv This time targeting the eastern part of the city at least one person was killed during that attack the Russian defense ministry commenting on their responses toward the Ukrainians and it has many officials here in the capital concerned that more could be on the way We've heard air raid sirens multiple times so far And we do know that the mayor of Kyiv vitali Klitschko is warning residents not to return Fox's trade yeast and key Ukraine more than 900 civilian bodies were found in key regions Saturday The Russian defense ministry stating that they have taken control over Mario ball's entire urban area Please arresting a 22 year old man in connection with the shooting at a busy shopping mall in Columbia South Carolina Saturday that injured 14 people North Korea saying it's successfully test launched a newly developed nuclear capable weapon Saturday A record number of migrants reaching the U.S. southern border in March This is information that we have gathered from DHS court documents 221,303 total migrant encounters reported at the southern border for the month of March Fox's Casey Siegel and Eagle Pass Texas Several businesses and residents filing a lawsuit Saturday in Philadelphia to overturn the city's reinstated indoor mask mandate due to increase in COVID cases The mandate scheduled to start on Monday The Birmingham stallions defeating the New Jersey generals 28 to 24 and the revamped USFL's first game America is listening to Fox.

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