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In an effort to address than expected rising early voting and barbecues. Then I've got this pack of four sharp rescue dogs. Jimmy Coco, another Sharpay. One pug was Joe. I have stuck with the dynamite on my goodness. Probably 56 years back. People remark really? How? Well my dogs look but beautiful. Coach. They tell him they get a regular diet of dynamite with every meal is nutrition. All I have to do is, say, dog food. It's pandemonium. They could be half a sweet and they're up and thrilled that plane. You don't need to wait until a problem presented itself. It's far better to keep the dog happy and healthy at all times. Dina vied for life. It won't be happy you don't will be able to have again. By I get my dino Vice from d I n o v i e dot com. As Lebanon's investigation into this week's devastating blast in Beirut continues correspondent Ben Wedeman reports officials pointed to a possible cause a massive shipment of fertilizer that authorities say was stored in the port of Beirut without safety precautions for years ahead of Beirut. Customs Had repeatedly requested this ammonium nitrate, 2750 metric tons be removed from the port, but apparently the head of the port, he told local television that he didn't quite realize it was that dangerous. The dwindling witnesses to the world's first atomic bombing. Marks had 75th anniversary On Thursday. Hiroshima's mayor and others noted that Japanese government refusal to sign a nuclear weapons Dan Treaty US dropped its first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6th of 1945.

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