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Everything that had to do with power. This guy was in charge of. It is so i said to him. I got the year they say to What kind of engineer. You and he said. I'm an electrical engineer. Morale areo again can't make this stop. There are so many stories that i can tell you a validation that we get from past lives from medical scans from talking to deceased love ones that once somebody gets into this work. It's really hard to to You know think that there isn't real because it is because there's just no way you can make all this stuff up so i wanna go into your mother's parting gift before we do that. Can you take then journeys and go to these other world or go to these other places and learn maybe even from other teachers absolutely in a nanosecond favorite. Teach people how to do that. Favorite place to go to have one. Don't really have one. I this reality is just fine with me all right. So let's talk about this reality. Let's talk about your mom and talk about usually when we think of somebody's parting a loved one parting. We don't think of it as a well. This seems like a paradox wrapped within an enigma. What did you see. What did you feel about all schick. Would you agree no. I think that it's it's a glorious components that is part of the equation when somebody is dying because when somebody's dying when we have a loved one who's dying it's heart wrenching. In most instances in so this adds the glorious component to it. that helps equalize it. You know it's all about staying. No trawl it's all about the teeter. Totter staying in the middle in this help says no that there's more to the equation know that our loved one is surrounded by angels and escorted to heaven by angels. It get any better than that. No that our loved ones spirit is around us all the time. We can communicate with them at any time out. Comforting is so your your your mom's in hospice or she's got hospice nurses around her you. Can you walk us through that last day sure. we i live in birmingham alabama. My mother was in hospice facility in columbus ohio so they transferred her there on a friday. We drove all night which was a ten hour drive. Got there about nine o'clock in the morning and She was not communicative at that point and the the staff said well she's hydrated coming in from the hospital. She's probably gonna last couple weeks. All my family was starting together from in town out of town and as the day progressed. I was seeing this configuration of angels and deceased loved ones spirits that were in the room and my deceased grandmother. My maternal grandmother her mother who had died six months prior was running the show. That's what was so interesting to michael. you know. We always think that angels are running michaud or some other spirits running the show or guys running the show will. It's the deceased maternal spirit. That's closest to the person who's dying. Who's running the show. So mom's job is never done. Mom's job is never done and we think okay. Our kids are grown. And they're on their own well. We're helping our kids from the gray from beyond mccray and so my grandmother. We called her. Meemaw miami ma was bringing in angels and other deceased levens as the day progressed. What started out. As a circle of angels around my mother opened into a horseshoe and kept expanding until eventually it was in a straight line across the foot of her bed and more and more spirits of of friends and family and other deceased level..

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