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Fool a question of time visiting private houses was out of question and most cairenes would avoid talking to foreign this on the street for more than two or three minutes because knew you talk for more than few minutes they are likely to be in this ticket andrei dukov professor at cookman university in seoul one of the few foreign experts who studied inside north korea at the height of soviet power in the mid eighties but even though the soviets were chief allies of north korea back then he wasn't allowed to mix with korean students that did little to diminish his interest in north korea he returned from his latest trip just days ago i was in pyongyang i went to kim gone mountains which are on the east coast to panama to koso onto a small cj of saudi warm threatened quite and what under lung cough saw this time came as a surprise him not being there for three years and they significantly john is growing fast countryside is also growing it was quite remarkable to see that people in the countryside basically welldressed the do not look seriously malnourished well not many of them are fed breach much nobody's fat but it least they do not look anymore it's still easy to paint north korea as an economic wasteland this month the un confirmed that forty percent of the.

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