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I get to where okay i. I've accomplished something now. What started as a free trip to new york ended up leading jody to his calling after high school. He went on to get his bachelor's degree. In general studies at louisiana state university with a minor in psychology speech communications and philosophy in college. He was on the board for men against violence and he then went on to be an advocate for sexual assault victims especially for students between the ages of pre k. To college he spoke at professional trainings for police departments hospitals and in two thousand and four even attended a conference at the white house on missing exploited and runaway children in two thousand nineteen. Jody published a book. Titled why gary why it chronicles his life. Almost forty years ago and gives advice to parents about how they can protect their children. Jody continues to share his message with people across the country by attending crime conferences. Its effort to help people who might be in a similar situation as he was and possibly give current victims the courage to come forward to prevent future abuse before we wrap things up and talking to jody. You wondered how jody's gary coped with what he had done killing a man even if he thought he deserved. It is traumatizing to say. The least mother was raised catholic. I mean he did community service at the the catholic school in church so he he definitely had strong beliefs. That also not kill. But i think Thou shall not fuck my kid. Trump's vow night -til so did my dad regret killing jeff. No did he regret the fact that he killed us. Human being i believe so i don't know if he ever said it by. I do believe that there were times where you know. He's just wish the whole thing would have never happens. It also goes to show how out of his mind was. I mean i mean my dad's like i said he was prepared to die. And when you're when you're there you're dangerous when jodi looks back on jeff. Now there's no confusion about what or who. He was clearly was a sociopath because he had emphysema empathy for nobody else. He didn't care about no one else's feelings he would lie to anyone for whatever reason to get whatever he wanted. Most importantly jodi has never let these experiences. Define him with the proper support. You can get over this if you think. That's the worst if you think being sexually abused as the worst thing that happened so you you're to feel that way and how do you think is how you feel. You gotta get but you gotta know you can overcome you. Can you can overcome and you can be alright. Ask for gerry. Following the incident he continued living somewhat normal life besides being known as a legend in some people's eyes. Jody is alluded to in two thousand eleven. Gary suffered a stroke prompted. Jody return baton rouge afterwards. He was put in a nursing home on october twentieth. Two thousand fourteen. Gary suffered a second stroke and passed away at sixty eight years old before his death. Gary.

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